millie or molly?? what do u think?

i can't decide what i like best ahhh i don't even know the sex yet!! but will find out in a month. i want George or thomas for a boy xxx


  • Great taste!!! Millie and Molly are both gorgeous and I am having a boy and am calling him Thomas!!!!
  • I vote for Molly, I love that name it's lovely!!xxx
  • i love molly.
  • I vote millie lol but they are both lovely xx
  • I like both, my daughter is called Amelia but we call her Millie. One of her friends is called Molly and I think they are both lovely.
  • Millie!!!! I have a cousin called molly and i dont like her lol
  • Millie Jackson is the nicest sounding!!
  • I like Millie for a girl & Thomas for a boy!

    I don't know the sex of mine but I had my names chosen until I had a 4d scan at 27 weeks now I haven't a clue so you may end up changing your mind but it's fun thinking about all the different names isn't it! xo
  • molly for girl n george for boy!! i dnt no wt im having yet but i defo want jessica ( jesse) for girl but cannot decide on boys names! i no people think y choose b4 i even find out but its the only thing i can do right now! i hate waiting!!
  • yes is fun thinking of names! but not so fun when all the names u love and ur oh doesn't haha. i think i like molly and thomas best. oh likes molly better then millie so think we'll prob go with that! xxx
  • Part of the reason i'm not thinking of names is because everytime I mention one to my OH it's 'No I don't like that' because he's convinced the baby is a boy & he likes the name Logan so can't think beyond this! Bloody men!!
  • Definitely Millie, it's gorgeous! Molly is OK - but tbh, it always sounds like a cat's name to me...

    Gabriel is my lo's name...been chosen since about week 10! Lol! Thank God the 4d scan showed he's a boy, hehe.

    I wanted Jennifer for a little girl, Jenny for short. I've always loved the name. It's my friends name, my mums name & I'm a fan of Jennifer Lopez so it seemed appropriate! xxxx
  • Molly, but I'm biased as my 3 yr old daughter is called Molly!! Amelia (millie) is also a lovely name. My friends little girl is called Amelia Grace, I love it! Does get confusing when we meet up having a Millie and a Molly tho! lol! x
  • oh a cats name yeh come to think of it molly is my brothers dogs name!! i love millie better have to convince oh though!! i'll show him this as more love millie! millie jane jackson think that sounds ok! it prob won't even be a girl! i have more votes for it being a boy on my baby peas website! xxx
  • Millie is my mums dog's name! She's a little jack russell and a little sh*t so thats why I like Molly better.
    That happens to me a lot tho, I will think of a name and someone will know an animal with that name!xxx
  • LOL that happened to me! My oh was suggesting names and he loved the name Cleo for a girl. I think it's nice but I couldn't have called my child it cos I'd be forever reminded of my stepmum's chihuahua!!!
  • yeh haha also everytime i think of the name molly i think of that girl from corrie haha i guess i should watch less soaps!! xx
  • I'd choose Millie! And I love Thomas & George. Think George has a cuteness about it. XXX
  • got to be millie, like the cookies yum xx
  • millie is a lovely name but they r both nice !! xx
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