I think I spoke to soon...

On friday I started a thread about how I can't wait until I have a big belly.

Well over the weekend I seem to have popped out image i'm not huge but I have a belly all of a sudden. I have even had a few people pat it and say that i'm looking well lol although I must say i'm not keen on randoms patting my stomach I feel some kind of sign may be in order.

Also does anyone else feel really unattractive at the moment? I mean I'm never going to be a super model but I just feel huge and ugly and my sex drive (sorry if tmi) has all but dissappeared, I don't want my hubby to think I am getting bored (you know what men can be like) but I don't feel sexy in any way :cry:

Also, who made up the lie about blossoming in your second trimester, I know I have only just started but I look worse than I did when I was throwing up everywhere a few weeks ago lmao



  • Now I can't get my bloody ticker to work image


  • Hiya Caz,

    Not sure about everyone else but nooky has been a rare but lovely experience - mostly because I just haven't felt like it! OH has been very understanding and instead we make sure we have lots of cuddles. I certainly didn't feel the 'bloom' in my second trimester - infact there have only been select times throughout my pregnancy where I have felt good and been able to look in the mirror and think I look well & healthy... maybe twice a week but then again, that's probably just normal stuff and we are more prone to noticing how we look because of our changing shape.

    In my second trimester I thought I looked huge - we took a little trip to Spain and I remember feeling enormous! Little did I know... I am now 40+1 and I feel like a hippo!

    Good luck with the pregnancy and try to pamper yourself & rest as much as you possibly can - enjoy being spoilt image

  • Hi Gembob,

    Thanks for your response image

    Hubby does spoil me rotten which is lovely, I know that soon in the future I'm going to feel like a moose which isn't so bad lol. I just wish I could have a blooming stage lol.

    The one good thing is that since I got preggo my spots have cleared up completely and I love eating fruit image

  • hi caz
    well... where to start! i know exactly how you feel! i have only just got it into my head that i'm not fat - that i am pregnant - which didnt help with feeling sexy! i was just constantly knackered!!

    my best friends swears that you feel like that if you are having a boy - certainly true in my case! (she thinks that you dont feel sexy cos of the extra male hormones your carrying!)

    i never ever did get my ''blooming stage'' and now just into last trimester so doubt i will get to feel that either! although i dont seem to be feeling so tired so quickly, and our sex life has returned! image

    not sure if that helps in anyway - just wanted to say it does seem to get better - after a while - in my case!! xx
  • I also think blooming in the 2nd trimester is a TOTAL lie, I look absolutely awful I have spots, greasy hair & everything so I'm wearing a ton of make-up every day which doesn't help.

    Up until recently I had lost loads of weight and looked skinnier than I have done for ages, just with a round bump, but lately I've been eating too many (mince) pies and I've put on 4lbs so I'm quite gutted. I almost miss being sick :lol: cos now I have a HUGE appetite, today I have had 2 bowls of cornflakes & sugar, a sausage sandwich, pickled onions, quality streets, and loads of haribo sweets. I just seem to want things that are gonna make me fat, or rot my teeth, lol.

    Philippa + baby boy
    21 wks x x x

  • Hi Gem,

    I spoke to my mum about it briefly the other night and she told me to make the most of what we have now as when bubba arrives it won't matter if I have a sex drive or not I still won't want to do it (and won't get the opportunity) I did then point out to her that if you never got to have sex after the first child how do people end up having their second and third?! lol

    Perhaps i'm having a boy then image that would be excellent as me and hubby have a bet on and if I have a boy I win wohooo

  • Oh *titer lily* you sound just like me (except for the skinny bit lol) Now I have read that you have had haribos I really want some image may get hubby to stop on the way home form work he he

  • very true caz! our sex life was great before - just weren't prepared for feeling so tired all the time! but now i feel its easing a bit - or maybe i am getting used to it!?

    fingers crossed its a boy then! lol! will you find out the sex?

    ooo i love haribo too!! ha! or wine gums or both image



  • We will find out the sex as I am so sure that I am right thinking bubba is a boy, I have felt this since the beginning and I will almost feel a little let down if my instincts are wrong even though I would love to have a girl image

    Does your hubby worry about the baby looking like him? mine seems obessed he keeps telling me which parts of the baby he wants to look like him and i'm worried i'll dissapoint him lol even though I know he will love our child regardless I still worry that i'm going to let him down in a way. I know it sounds stupid image

  • I was sooo sure I was having a girl though! I was convinced and even bet on it with oh. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out it was a boy - very very pleased though - it was a nice surprise!
  • hi caz
    no it doesn't sound stupid - i don't think we will ever stop worrying! it doesn't matter what about!! after all you can't help what you feel - especially when your pregnant!
    my oh has said exactly the same - although not obsessed by it. we both sit and wonder what bits will look like who, and laugh when we put all our ''worse'' bits together. like you say - the both of you will love your child regardless and i'm guessing dissapointment couldnt be further from what your oh will feel! image

    try not to worry too much. your meant to be relaxing!! lol xx

    o - i nearly forgot. i was convinced i was having a girl at first. i just felt ''girly'' which isn't me usually. i was shocked when the sonographer told us - and my hubbys face was an absoloute picture! he was actually bouncing around telling everyone we are having a boy!!
  • mummydaizy - how lucky? im just noisey now!! lol
    our sex life was great & definitely getting back on track now image
  • ok i'm joining in now lol i feel huge and my bump is stopping me leaning on my desk image can't get comfy as for blooming apparently i am. i've got colour to my cheeks and no spots i have a'glow' hmmm not thati can see it lol all i see is the black circles around my eyes the constant headache and nagging tiredness that makes me almost fall asleep walking! Sexy is not how i'd describe me! certainly not beautiful or pretty. beached whale or hippo maybe lmao
  • Well it's nice to know we all feel the same lol. Today I am resting my bump on my desk and i'm only 13 weeks lord only knows how much of a piggy i'm going to be by the new year lol.

    I don't think I have ever felt this tired it's ridiculous, although i'm prone to anemia so may go for blood test to check my 'hoobyglooby' (what DH calls it, it actually hemoglobin) levels.

    Anyone else feel fatter by the day or is it just me and all the pitta bread i keep eating?

  • lol i'm defo feeling fatter lol i'm lucky as i dun have maternity clothes to measure in i brought clothes 3-4 sizxes too big for me to wear and elasticated waist so it'd stretch with da bubba lol as for sexdrive mines intermittant more off than on lol when its on my oh is whinging i'm worse than a rabbit and he's always tired then when its off he whinges he hasn't had it for months (exageration on his part). well i'm off to eat some scotch broth and stuff to see if that satisfies lo lol see uyou soon.
  • I'm joining in too - i;ve never had the blooming stage i'm still waiting for it to start, i have been massive since the day i found out i was pregnant, its not right i look ready to drop. I have put weight on all over this time & fed up of being pregnant now. I'm only 22 weeks ha ha !!

    My sex drive has dissapreared too as i just dont feel sexy, all i want to do is eat & sleep. Wonder if it is boys that do this as thats also what i am having !!
  • My mum said it was boys that did that as she felt rough with my brother but really good with me.

    I don't really feel either, I had morning sickness but never threw up, I had headaches that weren't too bad but I have felt really really tired so maybe i'm having a girl image

  • Hi caz
    i didnt have sickness either, but did have monster headaches for the first 16 weeks & still have low blood pressure, am constantly tired even now - its not good !
  • yep thats exactly how i was - i was only sick once (& that was cos my oh asked what i thought of his new aftershave - being physically sick wasn't the answer he was expecting! haha) but i felt sick constantly from 8/9 wks -11 wks ish!

    it was (& still is) the tiredness that gets me!!

    & definitely feeling fatter by the day caz! its taken me ages to get used to fact im pregnant and not just getting fatter. (ive put on 19lb when i checked this morning image and only 24 +2!) and well and truly in my maternity trousers now!!
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