hi all,

just a quickie, can we eat cheesecake? since someone said no its all ive wanted!! image



  • I don't c y not, there's nothin in it we can't eat is there? I've been eatin it, mmm now i really fancy cheesecake!
  • oh i feel like cheesecake too!!! haven't got any though! dam will have to have ice cream instead image
  • This is not helping, Im trying to distract myself from hitting the Smarties, now Im thinking cake. Oh and my oh is passing Tesco on the way home mmm, wheres the phone.......
  • I dont see why cheesecake is off limits. Mmmm, just pictured myself eating a huge slice of key lime pie. With cream.

  • Don't see why cheesecake is off limits! If you eat it in a restaurant (and its a chilled rather than baked cheesecake) then maybe ask if it contains raw eggs. But a shop bought cheesecake will have pasteurised eggs in it so it will be fine. I wouldn't bother either way though, soft boiled eggs havent hurt me! xxx

  • if its any help baked cheesecakes are fine as the egg is cooked. some cheesecake even if they are shopbought may contain raw egg. i lasted til 37 weeks pregnant then ate cheesecake and nuts .
  • This is what I craved during my last pg - the white choc and strawberry cheesecake at my local coffee shop - it's to die for! Unfortunately, I couldn't have it as it did contain raw eggs! Now I shouldn't be eating it so the last pound or few of baby belly can bugger off!
  • Isnt cheesecake made from soft cheese?
  • Found this on the net

    Cream cheese is a safe cheese. It is only the unpastuerized soft cheeses you should avoid. Plus, most cheesecakes are cooked, which would kill off any harmful bacteria.
  • Wrong wrong wrong i'm afraid girlies. I am absolutely 100% addicted to cheesecake and therefore done a lot of research over the last 27 weeks! Almost all cheesecake contains soft cheese (not cream cheese) and this is a no no due to the process in which it is made. While the risk is low (as with raw eggs - they actuully have to be bad to cause a problem) is it worth the risk?
    I have checked and double checked but its a no and I miss it soooo much.
    Your decisions though girlies.
    27+1. xx
  • oohhh crap!, im still craving it! how bout egg custards? i suppose they are a no aswell!!!!

    good old chocolate, lol

  • As far as i am aware you can eat cheesecake as long as it is made from pasturised cheese (such as philly). Its soft cheese with mould in it that is harmful during pregnancy. This is the advice taken from the philly web site:

    I am pregnant can I eat Philadelphia?
    Philadelphia is a pasteurised product. Pregnant women are advised not to eat un-pasteurised cheese.

    I have been making my own and eating it throughout pregnancy. Tammi xxx
    31.5 weeks
  • I have eaten cheesecake with all 3 of my pg and i have been fine, having said that i only eat my hubbys nannas cheesecake as it is to die for i dont like any other cheesecakes and im not sure what she puts in it but she makes for me and has every time im pg she even makes when im not as i like it that much lol
    vikki xx
  • mmmmmmm tescos sticky toffee cheescake!!
    pass me the fork!!!
  • oh my god alls i want is cheesecake!!!!!! sorry but i wish i never read your post as this is going to cause my oh an emergency trip to the shop!! mmm new york vanilla cheesecake....
    oh no!! im watching uktv food and shes making a bloody cheesecake! oh the torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • we are having friends round for dinner on Saturday night and I am gonna make chocolate crunchie cheesecake......can't wait, might not tell them and just keep it all for me, lol!
    Tammi xxx
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