gel nails when pregnant

Hi, just wanted to check i am fine to have these? im going at12 today and want to be sure!


  • i'm afraid this isn't something i know, not been brought up in here before.... you could always phone the mw or manicurist to double check with them
  • Hey LisaD I have naturally long nails but have them overlayed with acrylic to keep them tidy and strong and have done for months. Have carried on having them done since got pg and seems to be fine. Hope that helps xxx
  • my nail place wont let me get them done while pregnant, have to have a note by the doc. apparently its the shavings etc when they get "sanded" that can be breathed in. i'm not really sure so i'd ask the place where u go what there policy is.
  • im a qualified nail technician, and it is perfectly safe having them done whilst u are pregnant. acrylics should be fine too as long as its a well ventilated area. gels are really safe and dont give off any fumes. i apply them to myself regularly and have treated pregnant women before. the may even take better to your nails as nails tend to be stronger during pregnancy, so the might stay on better. i have never heard of a salon refusing to do gels on a pregnant woman. hope this helps x
  • I didnt even think about this... I often get my hair and nails done love to be pampered but i know i cant have my hair done, didnt even dawn on me about nails not being safe and ive had them done since i've been pregnant? and they need doing again... maybe I should just take them off to be safe what do people think??? *worried thoughts*
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