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Nursery furniture-is it worth it?? (also in Baby)

Morning ladies!

Hubby and i took the plunge and went nursery furniture shopping yesterday. We had been looking online for a little while already so went to check out some of the stores we liked. We still have some more to visit. However i have two issues that i would like advice from you lovely ladies if possible:

1) White furniture: is this practical?? Hubby seems to like a lot of the white ranges whereas i think that it is a bit impractical...We are hoping to get a cotbed and the matching furniture in the hope that we'll get some good mileage out of them and they will last a good 3ish years until we move house. But i just have visions of finger prints, crayon scribbling etc all over whit furniture-which i will have the job of cleaning no doubt! lol! What do you ladies think? I'm more leaning towards wooden furniture i.e pine/beech...

2)Is "nursery" furniture actually woth the price tag?? I'm begining to think that it may be better for us to get a wardrobe and matching draws from somewhere like ikea in the hope that they will be sturdy enough for baby to grow into...I've had a look oline and with a cotbed we could probably kit out the babys room for about ??350-400 and have a good mileage as opposed to spending ??500+ on cute furniture that baby is likely to grow out of much quicker?? I'm just not sure what to do as i want the room to be really lovely and cute yet not growable-if that makes sense?

What do you ladies think? What did you do for nursery furniture and did you manage to find anything for a reasonable price?? Some of the ranges we've seen are just so expensive. We did see one nursery set that i LOVED and that baby could definitely grow into but it cost ??1,600 (included cotbed, wardrobe, cest of draws and toy chest) and as much as i'd love to i really can't afford to stretch to that at all! Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

KB 18+4 xx


  • I think the price tags are didiculous - especially when most of it is about a third of the size of normal furniture! We got this ivory range from M&P for 550:
    It was recommended by someone on here and I get it delivered in about 20 mins!

    K 29+4 x
  • Gotta say that i'm in the normal furniture camp. We bought a pine cot bed for dd which is now going to be for bub number 2. We got a normal chest of draws that matched (and were far cheaper) and have been using a fabric covered wardrobe from argos!
    We are gonna get a cot top changer because I had a section last time and found it hard to bend down. But they are quite cheap and dont take up much room.

    DD went into a normal bed last weekend (she is 2 tomorrow eek!) and all the furniture still matches fine.

    Dont get me wrong I would love to do the whole nursery thing but just cant afford the price tag. ??1000 is a months wages for me so could be seen as an extra months matty leave.

    Everyone is different tho. But I can honestly say that the nursery doesn't look 'wrong' with normal furniture in.
    Ikea do some good bits too if your on a budget.

    Serena X
  • With regards to white furniture, i am going to get this, i dont think it will be any more or less impractical really, as it tends to be highly varnished and should be fairly easy to wipe clean i think, whereas untreated wood is more likely to absorb stains, for me i just like how it looks in white,lol.
    furniture wise it is grossly overpriced and impractical to buy most nursery furniture, why would you need a mini wardrobe and chest of drawers? im going to ikea and getting a chest of drawers, probably wont bother with a wardrobe just yet, does a baby really need both? Im just getting a cot and a single bed as i think it will make more sense financially, and i can have a nap on the bed too, hehe, as far as baby changers go, i think i may get one that you can fit over the cot when you need to change LO, more practical space wise too i think, and i will be less worried of LO rolling off. xx
  • Personally, I'm getting a cot and the rest will be normal size furniture. Particularly as i plan to have the baby in our room for teh first 6 months.
    Its worth looking on ebay if you don't mind buying second hand furniture - particularly if you're willing to repaint it as you might pick up a bargain - and get exactly what you want.
  • My ds is in a beech cotbed (in the sale at ??120 from toys r us), his furniture is just normal adult pine furniture (apart from the changing unit) I prob spent the same as I would have done on nursery furniture but I know the pine will last forever.

    I'm due my dd in May and I've bought a white cotbed for her, I plan to paint ds changing unit white and again plan to buy normal pine furniture and then paint this white.

    Tbh you wont need a wardrobe for a few years yet anyway, it's so inpractical to hang all of the baby clothes. Lots of drawers and storage for toys is more realistic.

    I know it's nice to have the baby nursery all set up for the arrival but once they can move and do things its not the same, and you can never imagine how many toys you will accumulate!

    (Just my opinion anyway) :roll:

  • We've been bought a cot but are restoring some old drawers which are full size as can't warrant paying ??500 for the matching drawers for our cot. Luckily room has built in wardrobe. I also think the price for furniture is ridiculous and would feel really aggreieved at paying so much money just because its for a baby.
  • Im going to go against the grain!!....

    We have the izziwotnot tranquility set in chestnut, it was expensive, but i think totally worth it - it looks amazing in pumpkins nursery! i am so so pleased i bit the bullet and went for it.

    I justified spending the money by promising hubby that we'll use it again for our next baby!

    I think it is worth the money! - after all its the only time i'll be able to buy nursery furniture!!

  • We've bought our cotbed from ebay (DH very fussy on style/colour and liked a very expensive one brand new :rollimage - I dont mind this as its a solid piece of furniture which will last us more than one baby should we be fortunate. Maybe I'm a little sensitive on the sturdiness, but my brother didnt earn the nickname buster for nothing, he actually broke his cotbed by bouncing on it too hard!

    Again we dont need a wardrobe as the room as a bulit-in one, so we just need drawers - if we find the matching drawer/changer on ebay great if not I'm just going to get a normal chest of drawers. If we didnt have a bulit in I'd buy a normal size wardrobe and get hubby to add an extra rail
  • we bought a nice wardrobe 2 yrs ago that fits PERFECTLY into a funny shaped space in our nursery so i'm loathed to replace it with "nursery" furniture
    it has 2 rails and some shelves so i'm planning on using the shelves for non-clothing stuff and hoping to get our builders to put in a couple of MDF drawers in place of the bottom rail - then hang up "special" clothes
  • We had the same questions regarding furniture. we had set our hearts on getting a set from argos, about ??400, but when OH did some searching we found draws alomost identical in normal furniture section of Argos for fraction of the cost. it's so frustrating to see companys wack prices up just becuase it's for baby / maternity.
    we have now shopped around and will be getting a wardrobe and draws for around ??200, also from argos. but ikea have some great stock too. we had a family member kindly donate a cotbed, but i've seen plenty in sales at quite reasonable prices.

  • Thanks for your opinions ladies. I really appreciate them. There's so many decsions to be made! I'm going to go and see some furniture i like the look of at Ikea later. I've seen it online but need to see it in person. If it looks nice and sturdy then i might go for them. I'm not that keen on Ikea Cotbeds-only because of the one side staying on it so think i'll go elsewhere for the cotbed and just hope i can find a reasonable match...It would work out a lot cheaper and should have more space for baby as he/she grows...
  • I didn't really go with 'nursery' furniture either - a cot obviously, which was about ??100 in John Lewis, and I did buy a changing table, and East Coast one for ??60, not a really expensive one, and I was really glad I did, used it loads until my son was 1 and I will do again for this baby. We bought a single wardrobe from Ikea, and used a chest of drawers I already had - we didn't have anywhere to store them otherwise and it seemed daft to get rid just to replace them with others - the drawers are pine and the other furniture is white, so although it doesn't 'go', it doesn't clash either.

    I also had a similar concern about white getting scribbled on, but in reality I think anything can get scribbled on with the same end result! And I love white so I went with it - plus I think you can mix and match white furniture from different stores/ranges more easily than wood furniture.

    Some nursery furniture is cute, but it is very expensive, and I think it's important to think how it will grow with the child - some of the wardrobes only seem to be half hanging space and half open shelves, nice when you have baskets of baby things on them, but not so much when you have clutter you want to hide! Our wardrobe didn't get much use at all til our son was over a year old and his clothes got bigger, when he was tiny everything went in drawers - dresses might need hanging younger than that but he doesn't wear dresses lol!
  • We're getting normal-size furniture. The baby's room has fitted wardrobes with shelves and hanging space and the doors are white, so we're going to get a large white chest of drawers (have seen a nice one in Ikea that's not too expensive) and then a changing table, cot bed and armchair. Nursery furniture in mini-sizes is cute but impractical, and we just wouldn't be willing to spend that sort of money on something that will need replacing in a few years! We're looking now for a little bookcase to finish the room off, but not seen the right one yet so still searching...
  • We are thinking of getting the mamas and papas Murano range although hubby has taken a bit of pursuading! It is just over ??450 for the cot bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers/changer. Thinking bubs can get a lot of use out of it all as he or she grows up. Off to have a look at it this weekend as we've only seen it online so far. x
  • We have got white furniture and I am not worried about it getting marked. However, we got wardrobe and drawers from IKEA - we wanted proper storage and you just don't get that from nursery furniture - it looks very pretty but wasn't practical for us. It cost about ??200, then we got a cot bed with under-cot drawer and over-cot changer from M&P for ??250. Would have spent more but this was the best option for us image

    Ruth xxx
    30 weeks today!!
  • other than my cot and changing/dresser, I'm buying standard furniture. Saw a Tall Boy in Mothercare for ??200 - bought virtually the same for ??70 from IKEA. Put the word 'baby' in front of anything and its licence to print money. i think standard wardrobes, chests etc are far better value.
  • we just moved house and our new bedroom has a built in wardrobe making my beautiful white free standing wardrobe redundant. I also have a white bookcase and small three drawer chest so all of that is going in the baby's room. We have a white cotbed and are getting a white changing table from Ikea. It just seemed silly to go and buy new stuff when we had such a decent set going spare. Cant wait for it all to be put together now! x
  • Well i went to look at the furniture i'd seen in Ikea and i really like it. It works out a lot cheaper than some of the nursery ranges we've seen but should definitely give us more mileage. Going to look around for a similar cotbed before we go ahead and get it but it shouldn't bee to hard as the wardrobe etc is Birch. Hubby had really cleared out the nursery now (it was our dumping ground!) Just got to shift an old cooker-this weekend-then we start buying the furniture! Really excited to see how this all turns out! xx
  • Hi keenbean.
    Ive not read replies as LO is awake now but wanted to reply.
    I would say no its not worth it.
    For our boys we only bought the cot and then when 2nd cam along another chest of drawers with changing table on top.
    The wardrobe, drawers and bed(s) are from my mum and dad and are what me and my little bor had as kids. They are solid pine and still in FAB condition even now. The wardbrobe is a double one and the drawers big too. Its gr8. And even if we hadnt got them off my parents we would have paid and got rly good furtiture but def NOT nursery ones.
    We are expecting baby No3 now so will be putting the boys in together in the same room (a big one) and then baby where our now youngest is now (box room) so when baby is out of the cot so your talking 2 1/2 yrs from now all we will have to buy is a bed. Its meant that we havent had to constantly buy extra bits like a bigger bed, more storage for clothes etc etc.
    I would def go for the pine tho. As much as i love the white i dont think its practical. And try to get the best you can afford. Its gonna be there for years and years image And then maybe you can pass it down image
    Also the pine if it gets scratched or anything you can work it out but if its white no rly.

    Sorry to G/C and stick my nose in. And congrats on the baby image

    17 +1
  • Can you hang babies clothes in a normal size wardrobe? I am looking at buying the wardrobe for our nursery from Argos but worried that the rail will be too big for babies hangers. Has anyone else had this problem? x


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