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I'm 27 weeks and have 3 weddings before due date but can't find anything to wear in maternity ranges. Anyone have any suggestions of somewhere that has maternity clothes but not too expensive?
Everywhere I have looked only as casual clothing


  • I had this problem too and so splurged on an Isabella Oliver wrap dress which makes me feel less like a swollen balloon and is very dressy. You should have a look on the website especially if you have 3 wedding to attend, the wrap dresses grow with your bump too!

    30 weeks
  • Hi I got a dress at xmas from Wallis and its not maternity but it is an empire line dress so still fits me now. Basically its fitted under the bust and then really floaty so loads of room for an expanding bump! Tammi xxx
    35.2 wks
  • I was at a wedding on Saturday at 37 weeks, and wore an Isabella Oliver dress. I had also worn this for a burns supper in February when I would have been about 25 weeks, because it was wraparound it just expanded with me!! The site is expensive, but my dress was ??75 which I thought was not bad for 2 wears, and it looked great.
  • Hi, I had the same problem and really didn't want to pay ??100 or more for a dress I would only wear once in my case. In the end I found a really nice lady who runs She does maternity dress hire - her main shop is in Farnborough, but also has hire places in other towns further north I believe. It definitely solved my crisis!
  • Thanks, I'll have a look around on these sites. I was starting to wonder if I would end up in something either rubbish or extortianate!
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