14 days left!! hows everyone?

hiya everyone, im 38 weeks today, have 14 days left!! just wondering how everyne was? im ok feeling tired, aching still getting the period crampy pains occasionally, am using toilet all the time lol but but not long now! hopefully! hows everyones bumops doing? xxxx


  • Getting the odd crampy pain, night time is a nightmare - I can't get comfy. Just want to get the baby out NOW!! I'm being induced in 19 days. So not long and we might be going in at the same time if you go over. Keep us informed!


  • I'm due 1st June too - 13 days and counting. Still not packed my bag yet - I think I'm in denial!! I get braxton hicks every time I sodding move and its driving me mad. I don't think there is enough room in there for the baby now, but I've had no twinges or pains yet. I'm getting excited but very nervous. Good luck everyone x
  • im due in 15 days!
    ive also been getting period cramps mainly in the car, which is odd? maybe its the way i sit ? also been using the loo alot and having some show , hoping it will come soon, well had enough. cant wait x
  • just wondering if anyones babys head is engaged yet ?
  • hiya everyone, he is 3 5ths engaged, what about urs? xx
  • im due in 6 days cant wait,really dont want to go any longer! im so ready too meet my little boy! last week i was 3/5 engaged mw said i wouldbe fully engaged by this week.

    have had a few period like pains since last week but then they stop after a few hours hopefully next time they wont!

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am due 30th may, but don't think it will be happening anytime soon, I saw the MW two weeks ago and not due to see her again till next wed!? At last visit baby wasn't engaged.

    I don't think I have had any braxton hicks, I get ( sorry if TMI) really sharp shooting pains inside...soooo painful, can only put it down to the baby putting pressue on the pelvid floor muscles?

    As for going to the loo- OMG...I never stop! It was 5 times during the night last night...have decided trying to sleep is actually just a waste of time now!

    C x
  • lol i get that sharp pain too click, quite uncomfortable, how long was it since ur last app? nt long now for both of us!! xx
  • I have 11 days, however, baby is not in the slightest engaged and is still moving all over the shop, so reckon it's in there for the long haul. I'm quite disappointed as can't sleep and would like to see my feet again soon, but baby will come when it's ready.
  • i was told last week that mine was 3 5ths engaged, but can stay like that untill your in actual labour with the second baby,
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