GRRRRR!!!! I used to love mine but now she just grates on me!! I might be just silly and hormonal but tell me what you think?

She invites us round for dinner last night and she makes Prawns on a stick with homemade mayo - she knows I can't eat that and acts all dumb when she realises. Them makes a roast which was great! And then my fav which again she KNOWS i can't eat - fresh cheesecake (with non pasterised egg!!!!) She said i know you can't eat it but i made it anyway! BITCH. She then caries on to say that its not going to be my baby, its hers. She has a copy of the scan in EVERY room. I understand she is excited but she is over the top! She touches my tummy all the bloody time! I think that is a very personal thing, Marc does it and my friend rubbed it last night and thats that, I have resorted to buying a 'hands of the bump' t-shirt. The other week she got all sink cleaner all over me as she isn't careful with her cleaning products, she leaves them everywhere all un-open. Marc has had words as she can't do that with the baby around!

Then the other night she moans that I want to order my pram (I'm 14 weeks) as its in the sale and comes with tons of stuff. Apparently i'm stupid for wanting to! Now she wants to pay for it (which is lovely of her but make up your bloody mind!)

She doesn't like any names

She doesn't like my OH having tattoos, If we let our child when he/she is old enough we are bad parents

And then to top it off she says......'I WON'T INTERFERE!!!!'


I feel much better lol thanks!!

Tracey 14 +1


  • Poor you, i think we all have our moments with mil. I'm getting on with mine at the moment but it could change very quickly. One day shes fine and the next she is a big pain in the bum and nothing i do is right. My main problem is she refuses to buy lo presents this christmas as she says she will be to small gggggrrrrrr. she doesnt have to spend a fortune but a token would be nice. sorry for tha rant, hope you feel better soon. xxx

  • OMG little toy to go onto pram or money into account or something!!! some people!

  • I know it really annoys me, bloody meanie, i always new my baby would like my family better lol xxx
  • I think all MIL go weird at this time, someone tried to say to me that its because they feel pushed out and its different if its your daughter having the baby.... I get that but it still doesn't make it any better for us.

    Try spending less time there and telling her a bit less and see if it helps. The less they know the less they can have a go at you for.....

    hope it gets better.
  • I have exactly the same problem, and the further along in my pregnancy I get the more irritated I am with it all. She has brought me no end of stuff (which financially I cant grumble about) but half of it we already had! Posted on here many times, and many people said that it could be jealousy. My sil moved abroad some years ago, so she doesnt have anyone else to annoy! Only one piece of advice I can give and that is to remain as calm as possible. Its taken me a while to achieve but I now put on a chill out cd and relax in the bath when it gets too much
  • dont get me started on MIL'S!!! :x

    mine keeps calling it "our baby". no, its mine and my hubbys!!! :evil:
    telling me how to put it in the cot with the feet at the bottom. I KNOW!!
    wants to see it every thursday when born. (hubbys day off)
    bought us the cot but not the mattress but then went and bought me an expemsive earring and necklace set for my birthday!!!!

    she started getting on my nerves last year with wedding arrangements.

    ive gots load sof stories but i wont bore you all. good job ive got my mom to laugh about her with!!!!

    31 weeks
  • aww I'm lucky my MIL is great, I am living with her and my partner atm til I find my place.

    She has bought us clothes, pram, 2 moses baskets, car seat etc.. she's been great and never interferes either image


  • My MIL doesn't want us to have a baby! Apt we dont know what we're doing, was horrified to find out it wasn't an accident!!!! Id understand concern if we were younger or a new couple but we're 26 & 28, married and been together 5 years!
    Stupid woman!
  • Luckely mine lives on the other side of the world at the moment......whoooohooooooooimage
  • My mother in law is brilliant even though there is a huge age gap between me and my partner. She was thrilled to find out i was pregnant again. The one that has a problem is my partners daughter. She is the same age as me and thinks she knows best. She has a part brought home, i have a rented 3 bed house. She has a hubby who she cheats on, i have a loving partner who i will never cheat on. She thinks the world revolves around her! and get this she does exactly the same as a normal mother in law would but she's my step daughter! When i had samantha her sister, she decided to go out and by a bugaboo buggy! the madam. Then and this is the best bit, she still talks to her dad's ex partner (wont bore u wiv details of that). She rings last friday meet me in town. i invite her up to ours and she says she has panic attacks on buses. She got bus ova here! She lives 37 miles awayso why come here? and to top it all off she never rang anybody else. Turns out she wanted to get me battered by her dad's ex! i have a 7 month child who would've been with me and i am 21 weeks pregnant! The f***ing cow!!!! sorry for stealing thread.
  • Here Here!!!
    My MIL is soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying! She was never like this before i was pregnant. We would see her like once a month now she is trying to come over every week.She has bombarded us with stuff but unfortunately it isn't new, its all second hand. I have just thrown most of it away and cant even be bothered to explain why we aren't going to use it. Every time she sees something she is on the the phone ' ohh i have seen a pram for ??60...blah blah' But i have already told her my mum is getting the pram.
    She phoned up ysterday and said she found the bath from SIL baby, i just said to my OH that someone in my family is getting it. If she trys giving anymore i will say we already have it. My mum isn't this bad.........so why are MIL??
    I know some may see their gestures as sweet but with my hormones as they are i just want to tell her to go away until after baby is born.
    Rant done!!
    Wish mine was halfway across the world, unfortnately she is 5 miles down the road.
  • My SIL lives in Monte Carlo so she doesn't get this bother and she tells her when they can and can't visit, I used to think she was nasty doing so but now i totally understand! Oh and I are hoping to emergrate to Canada in a few years so I will love that. And thank god she is away when the baby is due, I will do everything in my will to give birth the day she goes away for the sole reason, I DON'T WANT HER THERE!!! She thinks i'm her best friend and sorry, I'm not! Luckily my OH knows how mad she can be so he is aware of it but still thinks the sun shines out of her arse! She has a nasty temper, always looses her rag if she doesn't get her own way and i'm not having that around my baby! I just know she is going to be one of them people that wakes the baby up just to see its eyes! I really have developed a hate for her since becoming pregnant. I try very hard now not to see her or go round anymore as I can't bare to be around her, she grates on me and sometimes its hard to hide! She is OTT!!!!

  • Oh Tracey, how horrible of her to make things she knows you cant have! And as for it being her baby, OMG!! Excitement is fair enough but i think thats going a bit far! I think i've told you the stories about my MIL? When i lived with her when pregnant with Jack, I wasnt allowed to walk down the stairs on my own in case i fell, i had to ask her to walk down in front of me, or ask her to get whatever i wanted from upstairs because then it would eliminate the risk! And then she told me I was selfish for breastfeeding because it meant she couldnt feed the baby!!
    It got worse when he was born, she used to go in to our room and wake him up when he was supposed to be sleeping, or change his clothes without asking us, because she didnt like what i'd put on him! I was so glad to move out lol
    All you can do is let it go over your head hun, its annoying, but she's probably just over excited and hopefully she'll calm down as the weeks go on.
    I go all sarcastic on my MIL now, like when we went on holiday with them, she was constantly asking if i'd put suncream on the boys, so i'd say oh, no i decided not to use it because i want them to get a tan! She even laughs about her interfering herself now lol, so i think i'm getting her trained slowly but surely!
  • I thought i was lucky having my mil live in abroad but no!!! That just means i get 2-4 weeks intensive abuse each year!!! She came to visit when my lo was 3 wks old and competely took over. By the time she left i felt like i had less of a bond with MY baby which was really sad. I have just returned from a (forced) "holiday" to find she has a bloody tatoo of MY baby's name on her???!! It was a nightmare & she is totally obsessed. Lo has been a terrible eater from day 1 so feeding time is a serious business but mil thought it was funny to stand over my shoulder every time i fed her and try to distract her!! I could go on but i would be here all night. Lo has heen totally unsettled since our return probably because for the last 2.5 weeks she has been picked up every time she makes the slightest whimper! Am i cruel or is it ok for babies to cry sometimes?
    Just one more thing to get off my chest... whilst pregnant i had to endure comments about how i must be loving mat leave (basically implying i am lazy-not a new thing). I have just returned to work PT and thought i might get some credit for that at least but no, because my oh is looking after lo on the days i work she thinks it's a just a shame for him!! I can't win!!
    ARRRGH...so much more to come, it's awful!
  • imt i know exactly where you????re coming from!i also felt like i hadnt bonded with my LO in the weeks after the birth. she was there constantly judging and getting in the way!she also did the ????my baby????bit...errr no!!it caused such problems between me and my OH we nearly split...im not joking!everything she did and said was over the top..she booked us into a restaurant 2DAYS after leaving the hospital and just expected me to get back to normal straight away!I liked her before I had the baby and now i cant stand the woman!

    shes manipulative and plays my OH and against each other. Xmas is the newest problem...I have told her its just me,my OH and the kids...what did she do?book herself on a flight out anyway can you believe it!?she knows i want xmas by ourselves so shes saying oh u can do want u want on xmas day but the woman is flying from a different continent for christ sake!shes trying to back us into a corner and im refusing to back down!AAAAAGGGGGGHHH!!!
  • OMG I'm sorry I would have say...your not welcome at my home! Cheeky bitch! talk about butting in! Mine has the ump also about crimbo. This is my first Christmas away from my parents, I have never spent a Christmas morning away from them so I want to spend most of the day with them and oh totally understands as he loves my parents but she had a right strop! So we have to go there in the morning and sit round the dinner table while they eat there dinner before we go to my parents for dinner! She is an over the top bitch! She grates on my every bone!
  • Mine is the same. Now we have Lily she writes nasty letters addressed to Lily that obviosuly we have to read as Lily is only 4 months! She makes nasty comments that mummy and daddy don't invite her to visit etc etc.

    Rant all you like to get it off your chest!

  • visiting from ttc, getting very scared!!! My mil drives me mad when she calls my dog "my nemo" cant imagine what I would do to her if she tried the same with a baby, think i'd end up in prison for a long time lol. She lives next door and at the moment she only comes in when she wants something but I know thats going to change when we do have a baby.
  • oh my god that all sounds awful, I'm terrified now! have never met oh's parents as they live in Canada, but I'm going over there in December, help, what am I going to find! sounds like the blokes mums lose the plot a bit :\?

    aileen xx
  • I do hope we all learn from all the bitches and don't turn into a nasty MIL's ourselves! I will shoot myself if i ever do! Its funny cause my Nan had a nasty fall the other day (thats not the funny bit by the way) and she will now have to move into my mum and dad's and i said oh thats great, I used to love it when she stayed over and so Dad said....How would you like it if your MIL moved in with you?!?! I soon shut up lol!
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