oh nooooo

i know this isnt anything to do with my growin baby but.......

we started too look were the decorations were from last year, and i thought they got put up in the attic,

but OH went up there last night and they wernt there!!!!!

so this after noon i looked under the stairs (which is full of crap)

and there not there image(

and what makes things worse is ive spent all our money on xmas presents and things for baby!

so i have no money to buy any thing im gunna look like im so borin now!

ive already been cryin bcoz we dnt have any bloody hormones image

thanks bec x x


  • oh no!! have you got any bits you can flog on ebay and make some quick money? oh, or do a car boot and sell some of the crap from under your stairs!

    x x
  • oh bec dont cry *bug hug*

    when r u due? will u have baby for christmas?if so that will make up for it!
    you could make some decs! make paper chains ive done that before!

    we have got a tree but oh has balanced the aerial on it and wont let me have the tree cos then he has to mess around with the aerial again. so im v peed off wit him.

    did u definately get rid of them?? could u have overlooked anywhere(sorry iknow thats no help)

    take care luvvy
  • The simplest things make us cry just now! Don't worry, get down to Asda they have cheap decorations. Paper chains and snowflakes on the window, hours of entertainment if you have other kids!
  • lol i dnt have other kids but do have very young brother n sister so mite get them to come down at the weekend (ther 4 and 5)
  • I know exactly how your feeling, my boiler blew up the other day and its going to cost a fortune to fix, so i told my oh to get our crimbo tree and we'd put all our decs up to cheer us up. Same as you it had disappeared! i've no idea where it went. We weren't going to bother because of the cost of buying all new decs, but with it being our sons first christmas that he'll actually remember, we didnt have a chice.
    We went to sainsburys and got a tree with all the decorations for ??15 and its a really nice tree. go there and see if you can find anything

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