Lost my appetite

Since finding out i was pregnant (think im about 3.5 weeks) i seem to have lost my appetite. I am still eating just dont really fancy anything (not got any sickness...fingers crossed). Just wondered if this will pass? also have read about eating a certain amount of fish each week but i dont really like fish...is anybody else the same?


  • Hi Helbels, know what you mean I never really stopped eating just didn't know what I wanted! Still like that sometimes, OH says he has never seen anyone eat so many baked potatos and cheese - but when I don't know what I want these seems like an easy option. Don't like fish either so can't really help there sorry. By the way I am 23 weeks + 3 days.
    By the way congrats on your pregnancy!!!!
  • Hi HelsBels, one of the first symptoms of thinking i might be pregnant was a complete loss of apetite, but i didn't feel sick, probably around the 3.5 week mark where you are. Then when i got to six weeks the sickness hit, and still now i am suffering, although my appetite is gradually returning. I would say try and eat as much as you can (as close to what you would normally eat) as this does help if you get sick, and i think not eating in the early days made my sickness worse as i also got really low in energy. xx
  • Hi HelsBels. congratualtions i will totaly agree with you on the loss of appetite i'm 6 weeks and i really struggle to eat at all. i get really hungery but when i've got something in front of me i lose the appetite compleatly. its very frustrating. all i can say is drink LOADES of water (yes you may pee a hell of a lot more but it does help)

    if things get really bad then go and see your GP.
  • Hiya

    I'm 23+2 now but when I was first pregnancy I just couldn't eat much at all. This was even before I got morning sickness and is very unusual for me!

    In fact I ate so little that I lost half a stone and had only reached my pre-pregnancy weight by around 20 weeks. Sadly now, I've gone back to my usual see food diet and have put on half a stone! Don't be overly worried about lo - they still manage to take what they need from you, but Lija is right - drink loads of water - much more important that you don't get dehydrated.

    Good luck to all you newly pregnant ladies! Have funxx
  • Congrats on your pregnancy! I had exactly the same thing at first, suddenly became a really fussy eater or just didn't fancy anything at all. Just eat what you can and don't worry too much if it doesn't feel like the 'right' thing, your baby will take the nutrients that it needs! If you do worry about what you're eating, maybe take a supplement like pregnacare or pronatal? I've heard that some midwives don't recommend them, but it gives me a bit more peace of mind!
  • Thanks for all your help ladies...glad im not the only one!!
  • Hiya babe!
    Congrats on your good news! I too lost my appetite for approx the 1st 12 wks but if you look at the "this is naughty" thread you will find the weird and wonderful ways us preggers women behave when we regain our appetites!!!
    Good luck hon,
    Love Lee
  • Hello

    I am 9 weeks and 2 days and have been the same, i am always hungry but just never know what I feel like eating and once I have decided what I want I no longer want it. I just want beans on toast constantly now, thats all i will eat, last week it was cheese pasta.
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