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I'm 21 weeks pregnant and need to get myself new bras. I've always been large chested, I was a 34DD before I was pregnant and at 9 weeks was measured as a 34E, but I opted for under wired bras.

I went to Mothercare and was measured this weekend and was told that I should be a 36 now on the tightest setting and a DD or E cup depending on the style. I was then left to my own devices to choose some bras and try them on. No-one was about when I was trying them on and both cup sizes just made my boobs look like one giant chest, there was no support or definition, which I presumed was because there was no under wiring. I ended up not buying anything and coming away a bit upset!

I know you shouldn't wear under wired bras, but I wondered how other larger chested ladies were coping. I'm going to M&S this afternoon with my mum and I'm going to make sure that the advisor stays with me this time whilst I try some on to make sure I get a good fit, but I'm worried that I will struggle with a non wired bra


  • i have opted not to wear underwired bras, and i have been measured at marks and sparks,im a 38f,was 32f before pregnant and always wore underwired bras too. i have found that i have been measured every 6 wks as my bust just keeps growing! i will go back to m&s to get measured for nursing bras. i have found the m&s bras offer great support, i didnt like mothercare bras really
  • Hi

    Im also big busted, was a 36E before being pregnant and my latest buy was a 36F which is not getting too small. I was fitted for a maternity bra quite early on as a doctor advised me to wear it in bed to stop sagging and also they were so painful they were keeping me awake in the night! M&S told me to buy a 40G or something like that which i did but its too big still - she said id grow into it but I havent, esp around me. I might be a 38 now but defo not 40 and it rides up my back. Its ok for the night tho as i just wanted a bit of support but i dread having to wear one in the day as they look horrible!

    I ordered one from Mothercare yday and its a maternity t-shirt bra but I havent a clue what it will be like. The only reason i went for it is cos my friend keeps telling me il damage the breast tissue if i wear underwired. Its hard for us big busted women tho!!

    Keep us updated on any good buys as il be interested to hear. Il let you know what the Mothercare one is like.

    Anna x

  • Before i was pregnant i wore underwired bra's & i didn't like the idea of wearing a soft maternity/nursing bra's, because my chest would look rather flat & no definition, just the way you feel.
    I have read somewhere that if you wear underwired bra's during pregnancy it can damage the breast tissue & leave permanant damage. I tried to wear underwired for as long as i could, i had to make the decision at 10 weeks that the underwired bra was way to uncomfortable & damaged my skin leaving marks, feeling so restricted. I thought comfort would have to come first & i didnt want any ever lasting damage to my breasts.
    I have been wearing maternity bra's since 10 weeks now, the best thing i could have done, i have recently opted for the sports style, like a crop top they support & are soft on your skin room to breath you can wear them day or night.

    M&S are not very good at measring i bought my first maternity bra from there, got measured on the same day, they told me i was one size smaller than what i was?, even tho i had been measured by them one year previously & i know my breasts had got bigger from the pregnancy
    Normally a 34D they told me i was a 34C, i bought the bra & i needed to buy more 2 weeks later.

    little missie x
    23 + 4
  • Im not wearing underwired bra's. I was a 36C before and am now wearing 36DD,although I am aware that I really should be measured again. I didnt rate M&S, the best place I have been is John Lewis. John Lewis measured me 36DD and M&S measured me at 38A-B! I did buy a 38B as it was in the sale but it is awful and has no support in it what so ever. When I tried it on I asked the ladies advice and she didnt even feel round, she just said "yep looks fine to me". Went in there yesterday to have a look at nursing bra's and they were really awful. I will be going back to John Lewis
  • I was a F before preganncy and am now a FF/G. I have continued wearing underwired bras but I do make sure that they are really well fitting so as not to cause damage and I try to wear non wired bras around the house.
    I tried to wear nursing bras but they just gave me no shape or definition at all and I felt really unconfident in the way I looked.
    Em-27 weeks.x
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