can i have a little grumble?

Im 7-8wks pg and within the last week especially I have a noticeable pot belly on me. Obviously I know its not baby bump but i do think its bloatedness and water retention from being pg.

Anyway i'm going out tonight and none of my trousers will do up and all my tops just seem to emphasise my bump. Im not ready for people to suspect im pg yet as i've already had 2 mc's so just want to keep this quiet a little longer. I now just feel fat and horrible as i look like i've eaten all the pies!! (but bub's is sooooo worth it!) might just wear a bin bag! what do you think? x


  • Awww, that sucks. Am sure you don't look as bad as you think you do tho! Have you got any flowing skirt type outfits? They usually have a nice slimming effect and aren't too restricting.

  • I had a pot belly by 5 weeks!!!
  • Elspeth - had you told people you were pg by this point or did people start guessing because of the bump or did you manage to hide it for a little while longer?
  • Hi FunkyMonkey, I had this problem with both of my pregnancies and people guessed from around 6-7wks. Its horrible if ur trying to keep it quiet but theres not much u can do. Although on my 21st in november i was 9wks and wore a pair of those suck everything in knickers. They were like cycling shorts and pulled my bum, thighs and tum in. Nobody suspected i was pregnant that night however by the end of the night i was so ready to take them off. Im sure ull find something nice to wear, have fun. Kerry xxx

  • Could u wear an empire line dress or something that hides ur stomach? I had put on 2 stone before I got pregnant so I was always looking for ways of covering it up! I think I look thinner now than I did before I was pregnant!! xxx

  • Thanks for the tip sammy - I have a noticeable bump and only 9 weeks so don't want to get the full on maternity clothes out just yet !!
    FunkyMonkey- only tip I have is to wear a nice jacket and keep it on!!!!! I kept my coat on all through lunch with my Mum last week so she wouldn't see!!!
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