• sounds like a gimmik to me go to huggies and pampers site and sign up yourself and family and you will recieve ??4 worth of vouchers for every person xx
  • its not a gimmick, you need at least one person to use your link and sign up to one thing and yourself needs to sign up to two things, then you should recieve your nappies.


    and as nice as that ??4 is, its pretty useless in 50p vouchers! doesnt knock much off as you can only use one per item per transaction

    [Modified by: Stephe Yeadon on January 01, 2008 09:51 AM]
  • Hi, these links have been on loads before and I have never known anyone get any free nappies from it. I've tried it and never got anything and def had people use my link. Personally think it is a scam.

    L x
  • as for the ??4 vouchers you can use more than one voucher in asda i know that for definate i used ten quids worth of vouchers off one shop and stephe you put then you should recieve your nappies that is not a definate then have you recieved yours x kat
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