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quite a cutie! Auntie violamom from the USA

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  • Al & Leigh,

    She's so beautiful and her smile makes me so happy! I'm so happy for you all and give her LOTS of XOXOXOXOXOXOX from Auntie Lisa in TX! Someday I hope to get out there and meet you all.

    Love Lisa
  • I'm still voting 4 U Millie each & every single day!!!! Lots of XOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOX from the USA!

    From TX
  • Hi ladies

    Following my post a couple of weeks ago saying my fundal height measurement hadn't increased from my antenatal appointment 3 weeks earlier, I went for my antenatal appointment this morning and I'm now back on track, I measure 32cm. The only downside is baby is breech. I know there's still loads of time for baby to move but I really, really don't want a c-section. Any tips on how I can encourage baby to move?



  • I've heard bouncin on birthing ball, going on all 4s and jst generally keepin upright posture r supposed to help. Not sure if these work tho.
  • apparently getting on all fours, then bend elbows so face on floor and bum in air (when no one around!) for about ten minutes few times i day!
  • Hi swillo, baby Scott was breach at 32 wks too and has since turned. To be honest didn't really do anything special, but have heard that bouncing ball is good (using this now to make baby engage) getting on all fours and sleeping on your left side will all help encourage baby to turn. Failing that my mate tried bowling at 38 wks and it worked! Tammi xxx

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