Triple blood test next week - opinions plz!

Hey everyone

I'm 15 weeks and next week due to have the triple test (blood test) for Down's syndrome. I'm very nervous about it and about the baby having something wrong in general. I don't know what I'd do. So much so that I really do NOT want to go to the 20 week scan on December 10th in case they tell me my baby has 3 heads or something (my last scan was 9 weeks rather than 12)

My mw said to call her if I didn't want the triple test at my appointment next week, and if I didn't it wasn't a problem. I don't see the point having it if 'low risk' means the baby could still have Down's. I guess I would like to know if it did but I wouldn't want a termination this late. At least I don't think so.

At the blood test do they tell you the ratio, even if you are low risk? Or is it just when you are high risk? Because if they told me a ratio I would stress so much.

I'm only 19 so the risk is very low...but I am still terrified!

Sorry, I sound really selfish. I should be enjoying my pregnancy! But I'd just like to know what you did. xxxx


  • Personally - we chose not to have the blood test. I'm 31 so probably way higher risk than you..but the way we saw it, we want this baby and we wouldn't terminate due to downs anyway - so we didn't see the point in having the test.

    I've seen a lot of posts on here from people worrying about their results but then found out everything was ok.

    for us it came down to simply - a) if we had them and the results came back high risk then would we have the amnio thingy adn we decided no we wouldn't because that in itself carries a risk of miscarriage which we weren't prepared to risk, and b) we wouldn't want to terminate anyway.

    Thats just our opinion and our choice - I'm now 32 weeks and baby boy is doing just fine - 20 week scan and our 30 week 4d private scan showed no problems.
  • Hi there. just read your post. Im 26 (just) and nearly 23weeks pregnant! i choose to have the triple test and thought i would be fine because of my age. the results came back 1:217 which they class as high risk. (anything below 1:250). this terrified me and i then had to decide whether to have amnio. we had an appt with a consultant and he went through the results...he seemed suprised id had the test at a young age anyway and highlighted the chance of miscarriage were alot higher than having a downs baby.
    we to said we wouldnt abort the baby if it did have downs anyway. If i put myself back at 15 weeks again and had to choose i would choose not to have the test. it cause a lot of worry for no reason and i cried soooo much. we had the 20week scan and all looks perfectly healthy!!
    it is your choice though. hope it goes well either way.
    del xx
  • HI we also decided not to have the test. Im 34 next week so probably would be in high risk, but we want this baby whatever. Also nothing was detected at scan, ive got another 2 scans one at 28 and 34 weeks due to anti bodies in my blood.

  • Hi
    I had the test im 31 and it came back low risk with 1 in 72,000 chance. Not sure what would have done had it been high tho. Its a personal choice and everybody is different.
    I had my first scan at 10 weeks and was terrified thaen again at 20 weeks and was still terrified. Now got 5 weeks left and cant wait to meet our baby! xx
  • Hi
    I am 31 and this is my 3rd child i choose not to have the test as it was not offered to me with other 2 pregnancies ( they only offered it to mums over 30 then ) i personally didnt want to get a high risk result then spend rest of pregnancy worrying as my midwife pointed out the other day even if you get a result of 1 in 250 , 249 of those people go on to have perfectly healthy babies . And the way i see it is that you could have a very low risk result but still be that 1 x
  • Hi, I didn't have the test, they don't offer it as routine over here in Norway and even if they did I wouldn't have had it to be honest. We both decided that whatever the results we would be keeping the baby and it would only make us worry more if we got a high risk rating when ultimately it doesn't mean a huge amount.
    I also had a scan at 9 weeks (due to bleeding) and didn't have another until my 20 week scan. It is scary and you can't help but worry that something may be wrong but it is important that they check everything is growing well as at that stage you can always take suppliments etc to help baby along.

    I'm sure all will be fine.

    L xx
  • I agree totally with Kia we also decided not to have the test done.
  • Hi, we decided to have the triple test result a fortnight ago (or rather i decided my hubby wasnt too keen coz he knows what im like and if it came back high risk i would be so stressed out for the rest of the pregnancy). Anyway, we went ahead with it (i;m 30) and pleased to say my result came back last week as very low risk being 1:3700 or thereabouts.

    It is a difficult decision to make and after i had my bloods taken for the test i kind of regretted it for a moment but now i;m glad i did as i would want to be prepared for any eventuality. Looking forward to my next scan in about 2 weeks!

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