is any one or has any body taken this....

dioralyte sachets???
if you have what do you think of them?


  • Is that the stuff you take to rehydrate you if you have diarrhoea (which I can't spell!)

    If so - then it tastes bloody awful but is ok to take in pregnancy.
  • yeah its ment to help wiv sickness too! its the worst stuff ive tasted ever and its blackcurrent flavour too ewwwww!
  • I had to take them to rehydrate me coz I had terrible diorhea til week 12 of my pregnancy. I agree they are absolutely vile but believe it or not you get used to them after a while & they did make me feel a bit better.

    Have you tried acupreesure bands for your sickness?
    They didnt cure it for me but did ease it enough to try & carry on half normally

    Hilary x
  • how many did you take a day?? they do make me feel better tho so i guess thats a plus!!! no i havnt tried them, were would i get them??
  • I got travel sickness bands from the pharmacy in asda - but any pharmacy should help. They worked for me for travel sickness which seems to have disappeared now but I got it bad earlier in my pregnancy..

  • you can also get the travel sickness bands from boots. I would think you could get them from most pharmacys.
  • i got the bands from boots, they worked for my sickness, looked a bit daft though with 2 sweat bands on,lol and they leave a dent in ur wrist. xx
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