i have read alot about being pregnant and that after wk 22 on your 1 pregnancy you should feel baby moving im now today 27 wks and im feeling hardly anything. It is really starting to worry me that there could be somthing wrong i have spoken to mw who i am finding very hard to get on with as she puts everything down to my BMI i was a size 16 pre pregnancy and i have a very big bump now. i know im not a healthy weight but now there is nothing i can do about it now as im pregnant (not planned, oh left soon as he found out i was pregnant) i eat very healthy and i always out walking my dog. is there anyone else that has not got a lot of movement going on i have been to the gp and they checked heartbeat which was fine.but i still dont feel like its right. can anyone give me some advise.

thank you


  • I can feel movement im 24+5 but i have heard that if the placenta is lying on the front of your uterus it kinda cushions the kicks, if youve been to the gp and they think everything is fine try not to worry!!
  • Hey chuck, just remember that some babies are very lazy naturally!!! It doesn't sound like you are tho!! It could be that you are having a big baby, in which case you might not feel much as it won't have that much room to move around - and that your placenta could be at the front, in which case you don't apparently feel much anyway. My placenta, however, is at the back, and lo had been kicking and wriggling away since I was 17 weeks - reassuring I know, just a tad annoying when I'm trying to sleep at 4 in the morning!!!
  • Yep - sounds like your placenta is at the front - 'anterior' rather than 'posterior'. Mine is as well. (It should have it on your scan notes.) I'm slightly overweight (size 14 pre-preg) and my midwife just said the reason I barely feel any movements was because of my placenta, she didn't even mention my weight...You're hardly huge! :roll: Sounds like your mw is pretty hopeless to me.

    I felt my first movement at 19 weeks but haven't felt a lot since, just little tiny kicks and 'shifts'. I'm a bit upset tbh as I'd hoped that my oh would have been able to feel it by now, and that I would see my baby's foot/hand pushing on my belly, but apparently with an anterior placenta that's not to be... x x x
  • Hi Hun - I'm sure it's nothing to worry about - do you know what you're having? There's been a previous topic on here where people have said that boys move less than girls. My best friend had her little boy four weeks ago tomorrow and she felt no movements at all til about 25 weeks because the placenta was at the front - I'm not sure she ever felt the same level of movement I've felt already at 27 weeks. I'm sure you'll start to feel more over the next few weeks hun xxx
  • I am 22wks+4 and still felling only few movement. few in day and then nothing for other. I have seen baby boy kicking during last week scan but actualy havent felt them. I havent been told anything about placenta at front however I have expressed my worried during scans (private gender scan and NHS 20wks scan).
    dont worry everything is ok. sure you will feel move over next few weeks.
  • Hi I'm 20 weeks but haven't felt a thing. Hb is loud and clear and I can hear movements through my doppler but can't feel them. Could be that you're feeling movement but interpreting it as something else, maybe little pains? If hb is there, am sure everything is ok. x
  • Hi babe try not to worry ive spoken to loads of mums and every baby is different. My friends baby only used to move in the bath, where as my baby is moving all the time. If it is any conselation it hurts! I am sure as long as you have strong heartbeat you have nothing to worry about. Why dont you ask to change midwife if you are not happy? I think they forget how much of a worry it is especially for us first time mums.
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