natural birth after c-section??????


i had to have a c-section 3 years ago when my little boy was born as he was breech and have been told by alot of people i know that usually you have to have a c-section with you next baby too just wondering if anyone has been given the option to have a natural birth 2nd time around or if you know of anyone that has as i would much prefer to have my baby naturally this time around.

emma xx


  • thanks for your reply hun glad to hear it was ok for your sister hopefully i should be fine to have a natural birth xx
  • Hiya hun!

    I had an emergency c/section with my 1st son then 2nd time round (as far as a I can remember) I was given the choice to try naturally but I wimped out and had an elective section.

    Now with my 3rd (and final) there is no choice I have to have a section - but that is fine with me.

    Love Lee
  • Hiya all

    I had an emergency c - section 3 years old and gave birth naturally 9wks ago wow how time fly I wasnt actually given the choice it was decided if I didnt go into labour on my own by 42wks then I would be given a sections but if I went b4 then it would be natural(lol if you can call it that I had all the drugs going) but they would only leave me in established labour 10hours as it happens I went 2days over and had her naturally had 12 stitches and got a really bad pile (tmi) and was in pain for about 2wks afterwards sorry for rambling on x x x
  • Hi, I had an emergency section back in june last year and have been given the option of a vbac or another section with this pregnancy. At the moment I have chosen to have a vbac but have been told to think about it until I see my consultant in 10 weeks time.
  • God, my previous sections were years ago but I know when I had the emergency one it scared the hell out of me coz I really didnt expect it. I do know with both my sections I had stitches not staples!

    The elective would have been ok but i think the idiot giving me the epidural was a trainee coz he tried twice and couldnt get it in, I remember the midwife dragging him out of the room then a "proper" bloke came in and did it instantly. Recovery wise it would have been fine except I was a pratt who drove the day after coming out of hospital and refused to take it easy. I never got any infections (luckily enough) but i definately overdid it and the doctor had to order me to stop!

    Am a bit nervous this time round but i think i would be more nervous of having a "natural birth". Funnily enough I was crying to OH the other day that under no circumstances would he allow this birth to be natural!!! If lo decides to come before my section date then he is to help me get as many painkillers as poss!!! I really am a wimp when it comes to pain lol Therefore, if it was that bad - i would not being doing it a 3rd time lol

    Love Lee
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