my birth story

hi girls
i know i probably shouldnt put this here but i have spent all my pregnancy on here so im gonna post my birth story right here!!! lol

it all started on the 4th of may when my waters started to leak it was only a little on the 4th - i woke up with soaking wet knickers and just knew it was my waters so i went to the hospital and they confirmed it was my waters but said my womb was still closed but i was having slight contractions (i couldnt really feel them) so they let me go home but told me to come back later that day to be monitored again so i did this and they let me go home again and the contractions had stopped so the next day i woke at 2.30am to my waters really going i was dripping everywhere and woke kirk up telling him to which he says ur kidding lol

so went hospital at 4am although i wasnt having contractions and they said everything was fine same as yesterday so went home again and was due to be induced the next day

went to bed early that nite i didnt have any contractions nothing got up the next day and went to the hospial to start the induction

i have one of the tablet things and was getting a few contractions but nothing major then they stopped so had another tablet 6hrs later same thing happened again

so i spent the nite there (which i hated!!!) only slept 3 hrs that nite (i hate hospitals)

the next day at 10am i was told they were moving me to the labour ward to start me on the drip

so off we went they put the drip in (ouch!) and started me off with the drip on a strength of 2 and i felt fine for ages i was already 2cm dialated and apart from my back killing me i was just feeling tightenings like really bad braxtons so they put the drip to 4 and still the same thing then a bit later the drip was put to 6 and i went into established labour omg!!! it hurt like hell so i got the gas and air - great for spacing out but not much pain relief!! quickly had the pethadine again great for making u sleep between contractions but rubbish pain relief so i was advised to have an epi as the said i was still only 3cm!!!!-still dont believe that tho!!!
so about 1 - 2 hrs later the guy came with the epi (which wa the last one in the hospital!!!)
and they started to put it in i was begging them to hurry my mum had to leave the room as she couldnt watch me in so much pain i was crying my eyes out coz the contractions were so so so so bad but kirk was there with me the whole time and i would just look into his eyes and he would reassure me.

so finally the epi was in but what i didnt tell them was that while they were putting it in the baby was seriously on her was (i didnt tell them because i didnt want them not to give me the epi) so one it was in i layed back down and i could feel my body pushing so i told the midwife she is coming and she said dont push ur only 5cm i said bollox am i SHE IS FUCKING COMING lol i think its funny now that no one believed me
so the midwife rushed out and said im getting a second opinon lol
which that i said oh fuck u lot i'll do it myself lol (god knows what i was thinking)
so i started to push not much just a lil and i could feel her head there kirk looked and he said omg shes got loads of hair!!!
so i stayed like that 4 a bit not long a couple of mins
and it stared to really really hurt and i was pressing on the epi button like mad
an one of the midwifes said u need to push like ur pooing and dont worry if u poo!!!!
so i did but nothing she wouldnt budge and it really hurt
they my saviour another midwife came in and told me to grab my legs to open everything up and push with the pain so i didnt this and it hurt like nothing i have ever felf b4 but she just flew out after that and the pain just went and kirk cut the cord and they put her in a towel and on to me she cried a tiny bit and they i spoke to her and she reconised my voice and she just looked at me and was quiet
it was the most amazing thing i have every experienced i would do it again (never thought id ever say that)
i tore a lil it was second degree i had the gas n air for the injections to numb it and was stitched up and was left to let the epi wear off and it was just me n kirk with summer and she was sound asleep and perfect after about 3 hrs they transferred me to the ward and kirk had to go home (heartbreaking) but summer slept all through the nite i didnt sleep at all i just couldnt take my eyes off her!!!! we had to stay 24 hrs as my waters had gone early just to make sure summer was all ok which she was and we got out the day following the birth im still sore and yes it hurts to go 4 a wee!!!!

all in all the most amazing experience of my life and yes she was worth every second of it and looking at my notes i was in labour for 8 hrs and was puching for 7mins!!! not bad for my first!!!!

good luck everyone and if i had to give 1 tip to first timers it would be dont be a hero get an epi book it early!!!!

vicky and summer xxx


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