just found out i'm having a

hi ladies

its a BOY !!!!!!!!!!! we are so excited as we already have a girl who is 4 next week.

i had to have a extra scan to check if baby was growing ok im 28+6 also had a night on Maternity ward causei had pre clamp symptoms so im very tired now lol it got me ready for 11 weeks time though.every thing ok now though .:\)

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  • Yey congrats to you hun, got two lil boys myself there great, heres to mummys boys!!! kimxxxxxxx
  • Oooh that's great news, I'm having a boy too & it's so exciting! lol! Glad you're feeling better now x x x
  • aww great news hun !! one of each how lovely !! xxx you picked any names yet ? xxx
  • yeah we like jack it was after my grandad who died b 4 i was born but i get told what a good man he was and how he loved everyone plus he is due on my gdad bday which we think is spooky lol
  • Congrats on your good news! Have 2 boys already myself and even though really like a girl this time would be just as happy if found out it was another boy! Boys love their mums!!!
  • ohhh that is spooky - maybe the you are meant to call your little boy after your grandad then !! if i was in your position i know i would - and i also love the name jack !! i think it would be a real special thing to call your boy after your grandad - be a lovely story to tell when he is older xxx
  • thats so lovely.

    imageim having a boy to got my 24 wk mid wives appointment tomorrow cant waitx
  • congrats bubs been told mine is a boy although gotta wait till 1st of feb to see if they're as big a tart like their dad lmao!
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