HELP!!! scan tomorrow need advice

Hi everyone, i've got my 20 week scan tomorrow and only just realised that i haven't got the form i need to sign for them to do all the checks. The midwife at my first scan told me that it was in my maternity notes but it's not in there and only just realised. Do you think i'll still be able to have it done?


  • Hi Speckle
    To be honest, i don't think i had to sign anything for my 20week scan. But, if you have time before you go, perhaps you could ring your mw first. Don't stress yourself out over it...i'm sure they will still carry out the scan, as they do have to take the measurements at fairly specific times of the pregnancy.
    Let us know how you get on & remember..stay calm!
    Sarah xx
  • i never had to sign anythin for my 20 week scan ether just had to take my pregnancy record book,
    id also say ring your midwife in the morning before you go, im sure the hospital or the midwives have a spear form u could have,
    good luck at your scan 2moz hun

  • Hi thanks for the advice.
    I was only worrying cause it says all over my notes that its really important that i take it with me and i know i had to take one when i had my scan for my son.
    I would have read the leaflet already but with my son only being 18 months i still remember everything it said, so just thought i would sign it!
    Oh well like you've both said i'll give the mw a ring tomorrow thnaks again xx
  • Good luck for today.I had my 20 week scan yesterday xx
  • hey - good luck today I have my scan today as well at 10.40am too excited to sit aorund dont know what to do with myself image

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