Changing Midwife?


I just wondered if anyone had changed their mw?
Mine is about 80 years old and isn't interested, at my booking in appointment she just filled in the green book and left, she's also ticked stuff in it saying it was discussed when it wasn't. she brushed my questions under the carpet and when she asked if i wanted to breastfeed I said I did but I was worried as I'd heard a few horro stories and she bit my head offf about it.
She so old and i think very set in her ways and I really want to change, just wondered if anyone has any experince of this, eg how do I go about it and do I have to change docs?

I've got an appointment this afternoon and I really dont want to go. :\(


  • Luckly my midwife is really nice but if she wasn't i wouldn't hesitate in changing you've got to see her all the way through this pregnancy and if you needed to see her in an emergency then it wouldn't be nice . I would contact the doctors or where your midwife is based and tell them you want a new one as your not happy with the level of care your recieving from her . Good luck for later x
    34 weeks today !!!
  • I have changed my midwife..... i rang the community office and they didnt hesitate.

    I left it until 31 + tho and i wish i had done it sooner!!
  • Hi I changed my midwife, she had history with my family and hated me so I changed. I had to actually change surgeries because she was the only midwife registered to my surgery but I'm glad I did. Could you ask the surgery if there is more than one midwife for your surgery and if not maybe find the nearest one to you. I know some women have just been seeing their GP instead if there isnt another midwife in your area.
  • hi babyfox! is there only one midwife in your team? if not, and you do get chance to speak with another explain your probs to her,a nd see if you can avoid the other! you dont need the added stress of a miserable rude one when you are pregnant!! if no, ring your community midwives office and explain the problem to them & request another midwife. hope it works out!
  • I have had a different midwife on almost every visit. I had the same one twice, but other than that I never know who I'm going to see. It's really frustrating and unsettling, especially as this is my first baby and some of the midwifes are definately more friendly than others...
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