hi everyone!

Hi girls, Just thought i would say hi to you all!

I got my BFP yesterday and was very unexpected as first month ttc my first. I seem quite lucky so far, no symptoms other than more cm and bit more hungry. Im still lingering between here and ttc forum as don't want to take anytjing for granted just yet as still early days xxx


  • Congratulations Lilylou!!! I bet you are over-the-moon!!
    My OH & I were very very lucky & conceived in the first month too...feel truly blessed. Wishing you all the best, Sarah xxx
  • Congratulations Lilylou, enjoy having no symptons at the moment cos when they start they can be evil on some days!

    Hope you have a stress free 9 months

    Corinna x
  • Thanks girls, yes im sure they will kick in soon, though my mum said she didn't have many either so i may be lucky. Either way though im just so happy to be pg! xxx
  • congratulations on finding out you are pregnant,
    mine was a shock to it only took us the one time to get pregnant as condom split but cant wate to hold my little boy now lol,
    good luck with your pregnancy hun


  • thanks nikki, what a fab scan pic!! Was gona ask how long you have to go but i see your wee timeline and only 72 days! you must be so excited xx
  • Congratulations hunni!!!! It will be the best and worse time of your life. But I promise it's the most wonderful experience ever!!!
  • yes time seems to be going really fast now,i cant belive im 30 weeks on weds. my sister is having a c section next month so when i see her baby it will make me really impatiant lol.and i will want to hold my little boy.


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