Pregnancy and steroids??

Hi all

unfortunatley i have been suffering from breathin difficulties i.e. tight chest, wheezing etc i do normally have some degree of asthma anyway.

I went to the doctors today and he has prescribed me a 4 day course of steroids to take.

My queston is has anyone else taken steroids whilst pregnant?

Are they safe?


27 + 5


  • I am asthmatic and although I have not been prescribed oral steroids as you have I have been taking my steroid inhaler since finding out I was pregnant. They would not prescribe them unless they were safe and I was told it was more dangerous for me to have an asthma attack than any medication. So I would say trust your doctor - take them and get well again.

    Lianne x
  • thanks for your replies, think i will have to take them can't carry on like this i figured the doctor wouldn't have given them to me if there was a risk.

    Vodkasis - i to have been taking the inhalers but these tablets are alot stronger but will give them a go

  • Sorry to hear you're not well Cazz, but yes, steroids are safe to take during pregnancy. I have crohn's disease and when I went to see my consultant when I found out I was pregnant he said if I had a flare up he would prescribe a course of steroids and that they are safe to take. Hope this helps. And hope you're feeling better soon! xxxx

  • Thanks S Willo i think i am just being paranoid again have had 2 m/c previously so think i am over aware of anything i take.

  • Hi Cazz
    yes I ditton what SWillo says I have Ucolitis and have been on steroids for a couple of months now, you are safe to take up to 40mg a day. which is 8 x 5mg tablets if you are on prednisolone??? The way i look at it, it's also helping LO get stronger as they give baby steroids if you are going into early labour.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    em x
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