2cm and 7 min contractions

Went to hospital yesterday as wasnt feeling bubs move as much (he is ok now - looked like a liar) anyway they found I was 2cm dilatied and contractions every 10 mins which I thought were Braxton Hicks!! So had bad cramps in the night and today they have been 7 mins apart but they going far apart again now.

So do you think things will start up again?? been going for walks try and get things going, so do you think he will arrive in the next couple of days or can you be dilated for a while??

Im back at the hospital tommorrow just so they can check bubs still ok, so will ask them if there is any change and do you think they will give me a sweep if I ask as I don't want a labour that goes on for days!



  • God how exciting - this could be it! Don't walk too much, you need to rest up too. Keep us posted. Julie x
  • My friend was 3cm dilated for 3 weeks before the baby came. Her plug went at about the same time and the midwife told her that she would have her baby by Friday (this was on the Tuesday) but no, baby came 3 weeks later. But she had a very quick labour and was home that morning. She went in at 6am and they were happy for her to go home at 11am!


  • Sadly you can be dilated for bloody ages! I dilated very very slowly and it took me 2 days to get to 7cm and 5 hours later when i was examined nothing was happening. Because I was induced and monitored right from the start of labour, they did a c section. But if I had gone into labour naturally I think it would have been days on end lol.
  • oooh how exciting! Not long now hun.
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