Is it normal to be SOOOOO tired!?

Got my BFP on Sunday and im 4 1/2 weeks! Im on annual leave luckily as I work shifts, but Im sooo tired all the time... Im in bed for 9pm every night and feel like having a nap constantly in the day lol!
Did all of you ladies feel so tired in the early stages?



  • Yes definitely. From 5 weeks to about 13 weeks, I pretty much came home from work and went straight to bed. Had afternoon naps at weekends too. I had a brief reprieve between 13 and about 22 weeks and am now knackered again (although now it's because the babies keep me awake at night kicking)!!

    It will get better but be prepared to feel tired for a few weeks yet and don't fight it. It's a fab excuse to relax and be waited on by your OH image

    Amy 25+1
  • haha! will have to print this out and put it on the wall to remind him to wait on me hand and foot. imageThanks for the reply!
  • Hi, congratulations on your BFP. It is usual to be so tired, apparently it eases after 12 weeks but im now 19 weeks and Im exhausted all the time. I can barely keep my eyes open today. I sometimes have sudden spirts of energy which I didnt get in the early stages but mostly im shattered and with the extra weight my muscles are aching too.

    Its not all bad though as I can now feel my little boy moving around so it definately worth it

    Georgie xx
  • I have been so tired since I found out too. I am now 14+4 and it still had not eased, one lunch break last week I even went to my car for a nap!! I am in bed by about 8 every night too.

    Hope your (and mine!!) tiredness passes soon
  • Wow another lovely bump, congrats! and yeah worse luck it is a very normal part of pg!! but hopefully yours will pass soon i think my first time out mine didn't pass till i was at least 16-20wks 2nd time, by 14wks and this time it still hasn't lol i hope you have a wonderful pg hunni

  • From about 5/6 weeks to about 10/11 weeks I was absolutely exhausted - more than Ive ever been in my life!! It does get better hun promise!


  • Will just use it as an excuse to have midday naps haha! Thanks for your congratulations it still has not sunk in properly yet, but it will on my booking appt in a few weeks. xxxxx
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