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I saw something on tv about Strep B the other day and I wondered if it's something that's tested for routinely on the NHS? My midwife hasn't mentioned anything about it but from what I saw the other day it's a very serious condition and can be fatal for your baby if not picked up and treated with antibiotics when your waters brake/an or you go into labour. Does anyone know anything about this condition?




  • There was a website mentioned on another thread about this where you can get a free test kit (but have to pay about 30 quid lab fees) as not everywhere will test routinely.

    I think its disgusting, everyone should be tested!! I am lucky that they do it routinely in the US and that hubby and I have good insurance here.

    I think you need to have swabs taken around 34-36 weeks xx
  • Thanks girls. I must have missed that thread Zoey! I sound like an old record then!! xxxx

  • Hiya hun do u mean Group B Strep? I think thats what u meant sorry if I'm wrong, but yes it is tested for routinely.

    In my area u get bloods taken at booking-in and at 28 weeks. I had to go to the hospital for my bloods as I had to have the anti-D injection as well and while I was there the hospital midwife asked me for a urine sample for group b strep. It isn't the same as the dip test the mw does at ur usual appointments, I think it has to be sent off to the lab.

    But yes it is tested for routinely, just later on in pregnancy. I think some hospitals/mws do swabs for it as its a bacteria that is in the vagina (sorry tmi lol) the midwife said a urine test is much more effective.

    Hope this helps
    Philippa 30+1 xxx
  • I know Zoey. I was just joking! I'll look back and see if I can find the other thread. We're fine thanks, although I have the headache from hell today. Sitting at a pc screen all day isn't helping! I'm waiting on the delivery of a fetal doppler I've rented. I've given up on the one I bought from ebay. I still can't find baby's heartbeat with it, so I've hired a professional one. Fingers crossed I can find it with this one!!! Very excited! How's you and bump? xxxx

    Sorry Philippa, yes I meant Group B Strep. Thanks for your reply. I'll make a point of asking my midwife about it next time I see her. I think it could be another case of postcode lottery though! xxxx
  • It's ridiculous that it isn't tested for routinely in other areas, I didn't know much about it until I went to the hospital & there were leaflets and posters everywhere saying how dangerous it can be if not treated. Everything does seem to come down to the postcode lottery, in my area they don't do a 12 week scan. xxxx
  • Thanks Lara. I'll have a look at that website now. I'm glad you have been diagnosed so that all the right steps can be taken to stop it passing to baby. If I can't get tested on the NHS I think I'll look into using a home kit. It's too risky to leave undetected! It's rubbish the government don't think it's serious enough!! Babies can die from it, how much more serious can you get!! xxxx
  • ..they don't do a 12-week scan in my area either Philippa, it's rubbish isn't it?! xxxx
  • You're so lucky Zoey! I haven't felt baby move yet!! Should I be worried??? xxxx
  • i signed the petitiopn so that it would make it readily available for all mums to be but 10 downing street said it was not deemed appropriate because it'd caused more hassel and worry than it was worth! surely if there was enough asking for it and baby's dying from infections caused by it then they should offer the test for free if they wont make it a routine check image
  • Phew! Thanks Zoey xxxx
  • I felt my first movement at 19+4 so don't worry it probably won't be long xxx
  • Ooh I can't wait to feel baby for the first time! Thanks xxxx
  • Did anyone see this morning today? I'm home ill so don't normaly see it, but Dr Chris on there said that the NHS test is only accurate in 50% of cases! Seemed very odd to me, but he said all women should pay for the ??35 private test you do after 32 weeks as its such an important thing. If i hadn't seen it on tv this morning i wouldn't have known, as i'd never heard of it to be honest. But i'll definalty be doing the test now as it just isn't worth the
  • Wow thanks for that loubeelou. No I didn't see it - at work unfortunately! I wonder if they've got any info on their website - I'll have a look.

    I'm glad I ordered a private test (from Mum -

    The test is free to buy you just have to pay for your sample to be tested at the lab - ??32.00. It will be money well spent I think!

    I can't believe the NHS test is only 50% accurate - that's terrible! xxxx
  • Hi ladies if I were u i'd definatly pay the extra to get tested. I didn't hear about it until it was picked up in a swab after i'd given birth. Luckily lo was fine but he had to have blood samples tested (which meant we had to stay in hospital for 3 very long days) and also had to have antibiotics for the first 7 days just in case. They would normally administer the antibiotics during labour to avoid this I later discovered.
    I also had to be put on antibiotics as a result of it which meant I had to stop bf after 5 days. so it's def worth paying to get it done
    good luck with the rest of ur pregnancies
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