after birth??

i had a c-section with my first, and so i did nt gt 2 see them doing her checks and cleaning her up... was js wondering, do the midwives dress them in 1 of thr babygrows? or do u gv them 1 ready? as il b in recovery, being stitched up, as im having section ths time 2.....


  • on my first pregnancy,when my son was born they asked me for a vest and sleepsuit,on my last pregnancy my twins were 9wks early so went to scbu for the first week they only had a nappy on,after that they dressed them in there own sleepsuits untill we took our own in,i guess it depends on the hospital

  • after evie was born they left her naked and wrapped her in 3 blankets. when i went for my bath one of the MW had dressed her in a hospital baby gown and wrapped her in a blanket. When we went up to the ward a student mw asked me for a vest and sleepsuit and we dressed her together xxx
  • With my son (8 years ago mind) they asked me for a vest napy and babygrow, and they cleaned him up (my choice) and gave him to me and them when i went for shower they dressed him for me
  • My husband and the midwife dressed Neve in the clothes we had brought in with us for her.
  • when i had grace 10 mths ago they passed her to me straight away naked and just wrapped a blanket round her whilst i gave her a breastfeed and they then dressed her b4 we went onto the postnatal ward but as u r having a section im not sure hun u may have to give them everything ready xxx
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