Gatecrashing from baby with a little suggestion...

Hi mummies to be, hope you and your bumps are all well.

My jack is now 6 months and for the last 4 months i have been writing a little diary about what he's been getting up to etc and all the new things he does. Well i have just read it back and it is brilliant and it is amazing all the little things you forget. I was just thinking i'd started doing this while i was pregnant becuase i worried about absolutely EVERYTHING and to think back now i kind of laugh at myself becuase some of it was that silly (was scared to go to the toilet and all sorts - lol).

Anyway i just wanted to make this little suggestion to you all becuase i think when you come to look back at it it is absolutely wonderful.

Love Spec and baby Jack


  • ah, lovely idea - I stared writing a diary for my bump (missing out things like "why do you insist on marching on my bladder you little monkey?" lol) a week ago and to continue it on sounds like a fab idea.
    Ames x
  • sounds like a good idea, thanks for the advice!
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