My Beautiful Day...

This morning | was woken up at 11am with a beautiful bunch of flowers pinks and reds including red roses and pink tiger lilly's - lovely! Witha big I love you ballon and chocolates with a very sentimental card...

Went to the hospital to see the consultant (was very anxious as only have seen a mide wife once in over four months and was pre warned by hospital to expect problems in pregnacy!) Mum treated me to a Taxi because I couldn't park at the hospital - stopped and had a tea and lovely cake! Mmmm....

Made my way up to Anti - natal was greeted right away (asked for a wee sample) but wisked right it to see the doctor.. no waitting!! I had been quite over whelmed with worries... She spent well over an hour with me was so gentle & listened to everything I felt a little tearful over, she did a proper examination of me and listened to the heat beat which she said was a very strong one but I could hear that for my self - my mum loved it and she even did it twice so I could record it for the Daddy to listen to as he is saving all the holiday's he can to be with me and baby when the time comes!

She kept refering to my baby as a 'special baby' because the cercumstances (sp) very hard to get pregnant and was at great risk when I did... she told me I was very healthy have very good Iron level and I passed my M.O.T lol with flying colours! She really was so lovely I wanted to hug her! she told me to call and ask if i eve felt worried like that again!

left to get to work cause i work evening... loads of bloody traffic!! sent a text to say I was coming in as soon as i could but traffic was a night mare... got one back saying don't worry luv take the rest of the day off and spend it with your fella! We had a lovely meal!

And I just feel on top of the world!! Been sooooo down thru out so far! and today I just felt amazing really good and feel my baby is strong and I dont have to feel anxious like i had been doing! I know this prob sounds little to every one else but I just wanted to share it anyways!

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  • Aww that is fantastic news - I love it when you get a really nice doctor or midwife and your faith is restored in the NHS! My boyfriend works nights & don't know why I'm up at this stupid time. I have failed my own MOT with very low iron so on tablets from now on even though I feel fine! How far gone are you? I'm guessing over 12 weeks if she heard the heartbeat...I'm sure things will be fine from now on and hoping you get a smooth pregnancy as so far I have, convinced that means it'll be a difficult birth tho! xxx
  • I'm 16 weeks and 5 days! yeah its a very stron heart beat and she was surprised for such a 'young' pregnancy but said it was a great sign for a healthy baby! honestly i wanted to kiss her for making me feel okay the entire time up till now ive been really frighterned id loose this child and it's take two and a half years to conceive! (I cried over having half a Mc D's milk shake because it was unpassterised!) but really feel that hopefully now I can enjoy it all! xx
  • That's ace news and sounds like you had a fab day yesterday. So happy for you hon. Hope it all carries on smoothly.

  • I'm delighted for you & glad that this has put your mind at ease it really does make a difference to meet someone who makes you feel as though they care.
    Take care lovie xo
    Lauren (33+2)
  • Glad to hear it was such a good day!!!! It makes a change hearing a nice story. I hope there are other pregnant ladies out there that had really good days too. You deserve it!!

  • thank you lovely ladies! x
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