Edited because of some very sad news

I've removed my moany post... just got a call from hubby.

Some friends of ours were going to tell us on Saturday night they were expecting a baby. Hubby just got a call to say they've had their 12-week scan and had a missed miscarriage.

I am absolutely devastated for them. They are a lovely couple and its just not fair they are going through this.

All of the times she has texted me recently and asked about baby Angus. She has been so excited for me and happy to hear how he / she is doing.

People don't deserve this to happen to them - it's not fair.

I don't know what to say to them and how we'll face them (seeing them in about 4 weeks for hubby's birthday).

A very sad Joo :cry:


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  • hi hun, sorry to hear about this, it is so sad image

    i hope your friends have lots of support

    big hugs hun xxx
  • Awww Joo,big hugs.

    It's so hard when something like this happenes, you are so happy about your own baby, but so sad for their loss at the same time. I am sure your friend wouldn't want you to feel bad though,
  • Awwwww Joo that's heartbreaking! image my condolences to your friends

  • oh no, poor them! your post really wasn't moany though hon, but I get what you mean.
    I'm sure they will certainly not want you to feel awkward (but I would to). Hopefully in time they will fall pregnant again. x
  • ah joo that is so heartbreaking.

  • This happened to my friend and I was heartbroken for her - just be there when she needs you to and wait for her to talk to you - I found it hard as I didn't know what to say to her and we were due within 2 days of each other - she is getting through it and we have talked now but I waited for her.

    Really sorry for there loss.

    Emma 15+3 xx
  • Thanks Emma, that's really good advice. Hubby and I have both texted them and we know when they're ready they'll get in touch.
    Much appreciated.

    Joo xxx
  • Oh joo this is so sad. Your poor friends. It's so awful to get that close and have it taken away.

    It's 12 week scan time on the Sept forum and we are getting a few stories like this at the mo. I'm finding it really hard as I'm just so worried and I feel so bad for these people as I know what it's like to be told the hb is not there. In fact my worry seems to be getting wrose the closer I get to 12 weeks. Keep telling myself that I heard hb this morning at 11+1 so the chances that all will be fine are on my side. It's so hard though.

    You have been through mc yourself so you can offer her an understanding ear if she needs it. Although she may feel like she needs to be away from pg people. I was like that after my mc. Even a trip to Tesco was hard as every pg person, baby etc we saw was like another knife going in that someone else could do it and I couldn't.

    Sorry, this has become a bit of a pouring out.
    Really sorry for your friends. Life makes no sense sometimes.

    Hope you're doing ok today hun. Thinking of you too.
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