while weare on the subject of rudeness...

if i had a pound for every person who has asked 'was it planned?' i'd be able to buy something rather nice for baby, maybe not quite a pushchair but definitely a few bits from Mothercare!!

it's so frustrating... yes my baby was planned and i would hate to deny that. its quite dfficult at work though cos i am 12+1 and worked there only 13 weeks so its an obvious question for them but still effin rude. i have said to my boss, that it was unexpected (which actually is very true - we were not expecting to get pregnant so quickly) but certainly not an accident.

and also, why does everyone think it is acceptable to run over to me and pat my tummy all the time. apart from there being not much to feel, its just ignorant .... errrr hello, my body!!!!

apart from that rant... had 12 week scan today and all went very well, sonographer was a but rude, but i guess she is bored!!!!

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