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Might be a silly question but...

I heard that when you breastfeed it can be used as a contraception, I am going to give breastfeeding a try but will also be expressing for when we go out and about. Now will I still be ok to use breastfeeding as a contraception as I will be expressing too or does it have to be exclusive breastfeeding?! x


  • Yes bf is a contraception but you HAVE to be bf 3-4hrs both day and night. People dont realise that it has to be a max of 4hrs and then are suprised when they fall pg again

    I personally would recommend that you do not rely on this as contraception. I dont think it matters if you are expressing or bf, but I know midwifes advice mothers not to use this as contraception.

    Apparently it is reliable, however you ahve to meet the folowing criteria -
    your menstrual cycles are absent
    your lo is under 6mths,
    feeding on demand every 3-4 hrs both day and night

    This link explains it in more detail...
  • if you *really* dont want to get pregnant then i probably wouldn't rely on BFing as your only method of contraception

    but that's just my opinion from brief googling i've done
  • Exclusive regular breastfeeding can act as a contraceptive but shouldn't be relied on. If you are intending to give a bottle of EBM while you are out, as far as your body is concerned you will have missed that breastfeed, so it won't consider you to be exclusively breastfeeding every few hours (even though your baby will be getting exclusively breastmilk).
  • it can be used but i wouldnt rely on it. when i asked my MW about it she said that it would only work if the only thing baby ever put in their mouth was your breast. no dummies no bottles not even letting them suck on a finger. seemed like an awful lot of rules to me so i went back on the pill when baby was 3 weeks old.
  • you cant express and use a bottle at all and have it as a contraception. althiough, like the others have said, if you really dont want to get pregnant dont risk it.
  • it all depends on your prolactin level, mine was very high before i concieved and was told i couldnt fall pregnant, BIG MISTAKE! do not reply on this method, my 2 year old is proof of this [though i wouldnt change her for the world! x]. xxx
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