I want to smash his face in!

My boyfriend went out last night. at about 12am him and his mate came crashing through my bedroom door and looking out the front window, scaring me to death. while walking home from the pub his mate decided to steal a bunch of flowers from outside the all night garage which prompted a carfull of asian men to chase them through the streets. he then proceeded to tellme about this night so i cut him short and said i was tired he called me a miserable bitch and walked out the room.
at about 4am i went downstairs to ask him to turn the music down and stop being so rowdy to find him, his mate and his supermodel ditzy dickhead girlfriend all pisssed out there faces messing about with my disposable knickers. he's allowed them to smoke in my house so all the beautiful baby boy outfits id bought that day now stink of smoke! i called him a fucking selfish bastard and went upstairs. he finally kicked the pair out at half 5 and came to bed. he's been in bed ALL FUCKING DAY!! i made a cooked dinner for my daughter (she's just come home from her sleepover) and he got up ate some and went back to fucking bed!!!!! we are having bedroom furniture and new bed delivered tomorrow and ive had to clear my daughters room out by myself today. i know domestic violence is a crime and so it should be but do yuo think under the circumstances i can be allowed this one off to go upstairs and repeatedly punch himin the face over and over and over again!!!! or i could just pack a bag and send him off to his rough arse mother!!! ps ladies i know we are all alllowed a hangover but he's taking the piss and its becoming a bit of a habit!! :x:x:x


  • Hi god wot a night you had, imagine letting his friends do that. You could plead hormones? My oh did this a couple of weeks ago and l didnt speak to him or make him anything to eat etc and he felt soo guilty he hasn't done it since. Could you not speak to him tomorrow when hes recovered and let him know how you feel and if he doesn't change send him to his mums xx
  • no I totally agree, domestic violence should be allowed in this case! What a selfish bastard. I hope he gets up and does some washing up or something! I should pack a bag and send him off!
  • Hi artygal I know just how you feel! My husband goes out till all hours still most weekends, (unless i manage to go out and drag him home early!) and he's a horrible drunk with no consideration for me or our unborn child it seems. I get so angry sometimes i start punching pillows which makes me look like a total freak but makes me feel so much better so i know what you mean about wanting to unch his face in! Plus my husband is so lazy too when he has been out the night before he won;t do ANYTHING on sunday, and when there is a nursery to prepare and a house to get sorted it drives me nuts!
    We stayed in last night which was a rare occurance (only as we had to get up early visiting family this morning) and after much nagging he also hung the wadrobe doors in ou bedroom which i have been waiting 2 YEARS for him to do! And only took him half an hour so now hes in the pub with his brother..typical. And i'm home alone bored shitless thinking life is not fair!
    I don't know your circumstances but my husband and i have been together for 10 years (only married for 1 though) and our life has always revolved heavily around going to the pub and going out so he says i should have expected this of him but somehow i thought once we got married and were expecting our first child he'd bloody change..GRRRRRRR!!! I have wanted to kick him out so many times recently its untrue..and he just puts it down to me being a hormonal woman and thinks hes in the right!
    Phew..sorry for jumping on your post and ranting myself..but yes i wouldn't blame you to go and smash his face in! Bloody men...xxx
  • Kick his head in! Selfish tosser. I could put up with the lying in bed all day with a hangover but given that he kept you up half the night as well he's severely pushing his luck. If I were you I would lock the bedroom door and make him sleep on the sofa. Would he get any sympathy from his mum, if not get his bag packed.
  • If hes like that then good luck when the baby is born! I'd break my OH's legs if he did that to me...he knows not to though!!! Its called respect!!
  • Bloody hell - I'll come and smash his face in for you if you like! You want to send him round here, he'll soon realise how well off he is at home - for a start there is no way he would have been in bed past 8am this morning hangover or not!

    Good luck hon - can't believe his stupid mate came into your bedroom the twat.

  • pffft.... idiot. and thats being nice. dont speak to him, dont give him any attention and withold sex for at least a fortnight. if he carries on, bag all his shit up, change the locks and kick the twat out.
  • Another idea - print this out and give him it as a present for the eejit of the week award!!
  • lol your good allowing him to stay in bed ALL DAY I would have got pots and pans and marched around the bedroom banging them loudly singing out of tune... when he moaned about the noise I'd be like 'oh well it works both ways' and carried on with a smug grin knowing I was disturbing him! falling him waking up to that i'd poor water over the bed so it was highly uncomfortable and if he didn't noticed i'd done that i'd tell him when he woke up he pissed it!
    I'd also cause imbarressment to him about (what ever you know he is woried/concern about in company!!) for taking the mick out of undies...
    failing that a swift 'acidental' dig could and would be over looked! & i'd certainly let him know he is in trouble!!
    to be honest I would have gone down stairs and told them all to fuck off out of my house... oh sorry am I being rude? well so is coming into MY house and behaving like your fucking animals!
    your well within your rights to be cross!
    saying that... its done now... i'd just milk it for all its worth... starting with a list of jobs!
    let us know what happens when he comes too...

  • My husband did alomost exactly the same thing on saturday night. He never normally gets overly drunk and is always understandable etc when he gets in, if he goes out. But I could have killed him this weekend we were supposed to go out for a meal yesterday but he spent the money we were going to use in the bloody pub and then slept all day yesterday. Honestly I have never been so angry in my life, he has been grovelling since he got up yesterday afternoon and he can continue grovelling until I decide to forgive him. It's not like him at all.
  • OMG how awful for u i think id iv thrown a major hissy fit if that was me and wuda chucked my OH and his friends out onto the street. Really sorry for ur situation u shuda just smacked him one anyway he'd prob of been that drunk he wudnt have remembered it was u. Then in the morning wen he had a bruise on his face u cud tell him he fell over, ha ha ha. Hope all is okay today and gud luck with ur bedroom furniture. Kerry xxx

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