Scary A+E visit

I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and if anyone had any reassurance.

I had to go to A+E on Saturday night because I was vomiting blood and had severe abdominal pains. I have never been so scared in my life. We phoned NHS direct first and were told to go to hospital immediately. The A+E staff were brilliant and I didn't even have to wait in the main waiting area (a complete relief as it was full on Saturday night drinking accidents and we had to take our 3 year old with us as we were unable to get anyone else to look after her) and was sent straight through to rapid response. I was hooked up to every kind of machine known to man and had huge amounts of blood taken and had to stay the night.

They suspected I was miscarrying and had torn something as a result of being sick so much which had lead to the bleeding. The only way to confirm the vomiting blood would have been to run some other tests and do an x ray which they decided against due to the pregnancy. Fortunately, the pain subsided and I stopped vomiting blood and they let me go home on the understanding that I would spend a few days resting. What made it worse was that earlier in the day I had had my eyebrows waxed and developed an immediate allergic reaction (don't have that when not pregnant) which meant I looked like I had done 10 rounds with Tyson when I got to hospital and the doctors kept asking me all sorts of questions when my husband wasn't there to make sure I hadn't been hit.

My eyes have gone down mostly but I am still terrified every time I am sick. I have spent the last three days lying down and eating little and often healthy foods but have to go back to work soon. I have to get over this because the fear of it happening again is making me feel worse.

Can't wait for the sickness to stop. Hope everyone else is fine.



  • How scary. I hope everything is ok very soon.
  • Emily, could your initial sickness have been anything to do with your allergic reaction to the waxing rather than a problem with the baby?
  • What an awful evening!! Pinktooth brush could definately be right if the hospital haven't said otherwise it could be from the allergic reaction.
    I've had some really severe reactions to things (nothing like this though!!) such as 2nd degree scales on my face because of hair dye!!
    Take it easy and don't worry about work-is it worth getting a sick note from the doctors to put work at bay.
    Lydia xx
  • what a horrible time for you. Hope your ok now,
  • You poor thing - hope you're feeling better. Very unusual to have an allergic reaction to waxing - unless they were particularly viscious ripping it off!

    Hopefully, you'll be able to put this vomiting down to 'one of those things' that is never explained but never happens again.


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