Asda stopping maternity wear!

I don't know if this is true or not, but I just read (on another pregnancy website chat forum, I only look, don't post there. Not cheating on you girls here lol)
Anyway, I read that Asda are stopping their maternity range becuase it's not profitable. So if you want some bargains you should look now as they aren't going to be getting any new stock in. S x


  • they stopped their maternity range in all the Asda stores in Aberdeen last year, totally sucks cos i got a few key pieces when i was pregnant with my son.

    There is just not enough stores that do Maternity clothes, it's not like it is something that is going to stop selling, there are always going to be pregnant ladies, don't get it....! xx
  • I'm afraid that this must be an old post. Oh works for ASDA and the maternity range was discontinued about 14 months ago, any left in stores must be old stock.
  • Yeah i lived in ASDA's maternity range wen i was pregnant with my first baby (2006), and i was gutted wen i went this time round (about xmas 2007) to discover they dont do this range any more. Iv bin buying alot of my maternity clothes off ebay where u can get bundles of items such as next, mothercare and dorethy perkins for really reasonable prices. I refuse to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that are only gona be worn for a few months. xxx
  • They definately did a couple of years ago cos i accidentally bought a pair of maternity jogging bottoms!! They were very comfy though. I think there just are not enough cheap options were maternity clothes are concerned. I personally think (maybe im a cheap skate) that places like next charge an absolute fortune for clothes that will only be worn for 6 months.
  • I agree the maternity clothes are so expensive. I only have a few and seem to be forever washing them!
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