Advice pls - latest false BFN with a clearblue digi?


Hope you don't mind me gate crashing the pregnancy forum!

I wonder if anyone could share their experiences with clearblue easy digitals? I was due AF yesterday but no sign so tested today and BFN. Although I have only just come off the pill within the last few months my cycles are pretty regular. I have had weird AF like pains in my lower abdomen for about the last 4-5 days, feeling like AF is about to arrive any second and (sorry if TMI!) but feeling quite 'wet' as if AF has started, but no sign (onloy normally get cramps etc once AF has actually arrived), and no other normal pre-AF symptoms either.

Has anyone had a false BFN with these tests? How late did they still show as a BFN?

I am confused....trying not to symptom spot or get too excited but it is very weird for me AF has not appeared but cramps have!



  • Id say try again in a couple of days with another test and maybe try a different brand. Your body could just be playing tricks on your this month but it all sounds promising.

    I tested day AF was due (cd28) and got neg on a first response. I then tested on a superdrug own brand 5 days later (cd33) as AF still hadnt arrived and got a positive (altho fairly faint). Brought a clearblue digital the next morning (cd34) and it said "pregnant". I have heard others say these digi ones arent as sensitive so this could be the reason.

    Good luck!

    Anna (32+5)
  • i would also suggest to test again in a few days to see. really hope it is positive for you. take care.
  • i had a false neg on a clear blue, i tested a day before my period was due, its was neg my period didnt come but i have to say im very very ireguler, can go months without one, anyway i tested again about 3 days later and it was positive 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Hi
    Sorry for gate crashing too, i'm new to this forum but really confused at the moment. I was due AF on 27th however still no sign. Have done a couple of test but BFN. I came off the pill in July and had regular periods til last month when it came about 10 days early. I put this down to being on honeymoon in Florida and my body being put throught the mill a bit with all the rides (rollercoasters, lol).

    Had stomach cramps when AF was due but no other signs that i can definatley identify.

    I'm sooo confused.

    Lynz xxx
  • Hiya

    Thanks for the advice girls - much appreciated. Still feeling like AF is about to pay an imminent visit but nothing as yet. Hmmmm. Will try another brand and also retest in a few days if she hasn't made an appearance.

    Why oh why can't being a girl be straight forward Goddammit?!?

    And I wanted to know if I could let my hair down or not for sure for NYE but living in limbo land. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Happy new year!

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