done 2 clear blue and 1 cheap all strong positive but ..

i just don't feel pregnant yet! is this normal?? i maybe 4-6 weeks not sure which got docs 2morrow . i am having alot more cm and needin the toilet alot more but thats about it! i have done all 3 tests at night too and they have come up positive straight away 2 yesterday and 1 2day. so i must be pg, just not feeling it!! maybe i am too early for symptoms yet?? any advice would be great just to put my mind at rest abit!! xxx


  • Don't worry love - I still don't 'feel' any different, and I'm almost 23 weeks!! The only give away is my rapidly expanding belly, and the very active child that kicks away for most of the day - but in terms of how I 'feel' in myself, that's no different!! You might be lucky like me and get away with no morning sickness or anything!!
  • I think its too early for any signs, last time I was pregnant I started to get the sickness at 7 weeks.
    I'm currently pregnant again and I'm roughly 5 weeks and as yet I've had no symptoms.
    Last week when I done a test I just knew I was pregnant I dont know how I just knew!
    Are you shattered or more tired than normal?
  • Hay there.
    I am now 11+5 and have had no symptoms other than sore boobs at about week 7 and then they went!
    I have posted several posts on here worrying about the lack of symptoms!!
    I have my 12 Tuesday so am very nervous!
    Just remember, they say that u can't have a false positive result, just a false negative.
    Good luck with everything, I'm sure you're fine. xx
  • I meant to say my 12 week scan on Tuesday!!
  • congratulations!!!
    Welcome to the club lol
    Don't worry about not feeling preg. When you read through the posts you will find that everyone's pregnancy symtoms will differ from others. Most have tender bigger breasts and tiredness but not everyone has morning sickness.
    Even though you might not feel pregnant your body is doing it's job and your little bean is developing lol
  • Ah don't worry, it's normal. My sickness started at 5 weeks (but went at 10) and I never had sore boobs or anything, still don't, so the sickness was my only thing really. I felt tired from about 12 weeks but just now I'm starting to feel a lot bouncier! Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant!
    Good luck with everything. Philippa, 23+3 x x x
  • I wouldn't worry, since I found out I've had no symptoms, just feel like normal. Only thing I've noticed is being abit more tired than usual but I don't know if that's down to being off work for last 2 weeks and getting used to doing nothing!
  • thanks u've made me feel alot better!! i am more tired i think, but that may be because i can't sleep properly as i am so excited!!
  • enjoy it whilst u can! I have image
    People have posted on here with various preg symoptoms...i am v.thankful that I havent suffered with half of them. Enjoy the way you are currently feeling. Everyones different.
    I've had nausea in mornings, needing the loo more often adn beginning to feel tiredness and get some indigestion and im 20wks. Thankfully havent vomitted or had the hormones go wild.
    Ive spoken to quite a few pg mothers who were/are quite big end of pg and wished they made the most of not showing early on ! boobs have gone up 2 sizes which is nice...only real advantage of symptoms so far image) xxx
  • enjoy it while you can sweetie image ive had symptoms from very early image i had really bad heart burn n thats how i knew i was preg i was 3 weeks wen i found out and have most symptoms but congrats any way x x x
  • woohoo another mummy to be. it took a while for me to start feeling pregnant but as soon as the sickness, constant peeing and sickness i felt pregnant. it may take a while to start getting any simptoms and to sick in that your pregnant and things have to change. good luck it's not all bad.
  • I found it's really easy to start willing the time away until the next scan (23rd Jan, 12 weeks - milestone!) but am trying to enjoy each day. My symptoms kicked off in week 5 with tiredness and week 6 with nausea and sore boobs, but the nausea's eased off now and the sore boobs are less painful. So then I worry that I'm losing my symptoms - doh!

    From all I read on here, we should enjoy the good times of not barfing and having terrible back ache, keep remembering all those BFPs (you've had loads now - stop buying sticks to pee on ;-P) and just be happy! Easier said than done ehimage) A lifetime of worrying's begun - gulp!
  • i know i am being stupid but i just want to feel pregnant! and if i am 6 weeks which is what the calendar says i'm sure i should be getting some soon!! my boobs don't even hurt!! maybe i'll wake up one day and just get everything all at once haha i promise i will not be complaining!! i suppose when i have my scan i will feel more pg!! but got so long to wait grrrrrrrrr.sorry for moaning haha! xxx
  • you lucky mare.

    I knew I was pregnant as soon as I fell.
    My boobs hurt, I was sick from 5 weeks and still am.
    I am now 8+4.
  • I think I would be grateful of not feeling pregnant because if and wen morning sikness kicks in ull be wishing for no symptoms, ha ha ha. Jus relax and go with the flow sum women sail through pregnancy, I did last time. Not having it so lucky this time though, lots of morning sikness. Kerry xxx

  • i didnt get any pregnacy symptoms at at first time round even managed to keep it a secret from my ma, pa n sis (i worked full time with all 3) untill i showed them scan pic at 12+4 wks. i kept doing the pee tests every wk just to see if i was still pregnant. Second time i told my mum on mothers day at 6wks, the second preg was completely different!
  • been docs he was so nice! he said that i am 7 weeks 2day. but that will be going on a 28 day cycle which i am not well have been 30-40 so maybe under that but we r going on that which i don't mind as i get a scan earlier! go to book midwife appointment for 10 weeks then will get a scan for 12-14 weeks. can't wait yey, bought a pg book 2day my oh is sat reading it!! xx
  • Hiya

    Don't worry hon - same as everyone on this thread.... I had hardly any symptoms to. To the point that I thought when they did my 12 scan, there would be nothing there!!

    I had sore boobs at first, but that didn't last very long.... and then there was lots of weeing!! and that lasted all through the night up until 13 weeks!

    I'm now 15+2 and have no symptoms apart from the odd 'flutter' in my tummy and the worlds smallest bump!!

    Try not to worry honey...

    Sam xxx
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