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Hi Folks

Stupid first timer here being a bit thick but can I just wash the baby clothes using my normal shopping powder??? Do I need to get something special like fairy non-bio or something???

Sorry for being a thicko but it's just occured to me - any advice much appreciated!



  • hey lola
    dunno if you need to, but ive just washed all of mine and used fairy non bio. but i use that one anyway cos i get eczema and is gentler for me so i guess so yeah, but any non bio should be fine image
  • i've used my ordinary washing liquid as can't afford expensive stuff image skint completely
  • hi there, i dint buy no expensive sensitive wash powder, just used ariel wot i have used for our clothes, only thing i did buy was comfort pure febric conditioner, it just softend them if needed.
  • Remember using non-bio stuff when my daughter was a baby, as had read/been told that normal stuff was too harsh for delicate baby skin, but it didn't shift all the stains (such as poo!) That was a long time ago though (she's 14 now), so they may be better now.
    Don't know what I'm going to do this time round yet.
  • Fairy non-bio recommended and Mothercare also recommend using Comfort Pure Fabric Softner. xx
  • hi my girl is 3 and at that time iwas always told to use non-bio cause it was less harsh on their wee skin, as someone else said it doesnt remove the stains as well,i have just recently changed to biological (cause daughter is 3) and it is much better!! and i think i will just use that for new baby, and see how it goes, if it seems to be affecting his/her skin i will change to non-bio for baby but will prob still use bio for ours now that ive seem the difference! x

    hope that helps


  • hmmm, just got me thinking! do i need to wash all of the clothes ive bought baby before he/she can wear them? and blankets and things too?
    that seems like a lot of work!
  • hi i didnt do that last time, (washing new things before putting them on baby) and prob wont do it lthis time either, only second hand things we have been given i would wash x


  • i use non bio for a few reasons...
    1 it smells gorg
    2 my kids have senstive skin
    3 best to be safe than sorry!!!
    By some biotex and leave things like pooey clothes in a bucket to stew and that usually removes stains.
    Doesnt have to be expensive like fairy..try store own brand so long as non bio.
    d x
  • Hi, washing with non-bio is kinder to babies delicate skin - you don't have to buy 'Fairy' non-bio, they are just popular as they put out alot of advertising...although I do use 'Fairy' as I like the smell, I have been pondering about trying a cheaper make.
    If you do get poo stains just hang the garment in full sun (when we get some!) and the sun will bleach it out. I use washable nappies and in the summer when I can hang them on the line to dry they go out with yellow staining and come back in white!
  • Thanks everyone - think I will still wash everything first (mainly coz my mum has offered and as she hasn't shown much interest so far it seems a shame to turn it down (although she is using it as an excuse to put of seeing me for another week!!!!)). Gonna use Fairy non-bio but just for baby clothes not ours and I'll have to see what to do about the stains - will def try the sunshine thing - thanks everyone, your advice is fab as always! Laura xxx
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