pregnancy and work uniform

hi i wonder if you ladies can tell me of your experiences, i'm a nurse and i wear a sky blue tunic and navy trousers as do all nurses at my level. I've just been measured for my maternity uniform and been told my top will be white, as that's what coulour the maternity tops are. Students at my trust wear white, so i'm really reluctant to wear them, have any of you ladies been made to wear a differnt colour or differernt uniform just because your pregnant. I've looked at the website of the company that supply my uniforrm and they do them in blue, so it can't be because they can't get them, any advice greatfully recived


  • I am a dental nurse so colour isn't really important but my uniform was blue skirt and blue tunic, and i had to have white trousers and struggled to get tunic so manager had to alter mine, i looked ridiculus! but when i looked in the cataloge there were only about 2 uniforms for maternity! i would mention your concern to them because like you say the colour of your uniform is important to distinguish your position
  • i was just given larger uniforms, i wear dark blue tunic and trousers, started in a medium, was in an extra large by the end, and had to finish in my own trousers coz theirs didnt fit anymore. my only other option was a white maternity dress, looked more like a tent, but not really suitable for A&E
  • hi, i work in audiology and we have tunics too, i am not getting a new maternity uniform but there are a couple of girls on my team who are bigger then me so when i need to i am just gonna borrow a bigger size tunic from one of them. Then when i get to mammoth size, i am gonna wear scrubs in the same colour as our tunic. We all wear our own pants anyway as we dont like the ones they issue so i have just got some maternity ones from dotty perks.

    i wouldnt advise being in the same colour as students though, it is confusing for the patients!

    Nina 16+4 xx
  • I work in the control room at ambulance HQ and we are just told to buy ordinary clothes and they will give us some money towards them. I'm still wearing my shirts but using my own trousers. I want to try and stay in uniform as long as possible.

    Could you not just get a bigger size for now ?

  • hi thanks for the replies, they won't let me have bigger uniforms because there not allowed, i'm only allowed the white maternity ones, i think i may speak to my union as i'm sure it must be some form of discrimination
  • I can't see any reason why you can't stay in blue. I'm a Veterinary Nurse and all the maternity uniforms are available in bottle green, so they must be available in blue!

    Getting mine from Alexandra and Graham Gardener.

    B x
  • could you not borrow a bigger size from one of your colleagues for now, even if it means them being one tunic down it is only for a few months?

    Nina x
  • My maternity uniform consisted of larger sized shirts which came down to my knees and hideous itchy trousers that only came to my ankles! I looked awful and was so down with it so I wrote an email to my boss and he has now let me wear in my own maternity shirts and trousers as long as their white.
  • i'm lucky as we have maty uniforms in same colour and they go to massive sizes as w some bigger as well.
    maybe wear some scrub tops for now and see if they'll let you have a couple of bigger 2nd hand ones. If you just got fatter they would have to give you them.
    Filo x
  • Hi girlinleeds. Do they still do the white dresses. I had them (and still have them) and although it was a big white tent I don't think any students wear white dresses-not the ones that come to Wharfedale anyway. Is it possible to get someone else to ring the laundary room for you to see if they have any bigger '2nd hand' ones that your ward wouldn't have to pay for?
    Hope you're doing ok apart from the uniforms issue.
  • hi helen, i don't think they still do the dresses, when i went to order my new uniforms i could bearly zip up my top and begged them for a second hand one just till my maternity ones arrived and they said there not allowed to give them out!! One day i'll go to work and it won't fasten at all, my ward sister said she'd happily pay for bigger ones but they still won't let me have any normal ones i think i might have to take this further hehe
  • is it compalsory to wear a work uniform, when you are pregnant?  and the uniform is extreamly hot and uncomfortable?

  • I have a question, I have to tuck in my shirt and wear a belt, talk about belly torture image what did you all do in such a situation?

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