Some Advise Please!

Hi Ladies could do with a bit of advise,
Im 32+3 with my second child first was 12 days late at 5lb 14oz, everything fine, now im a bit worried went for a scan on wednesday and they confirmed baby was small again but in proportion so nothing to worry about have just been told to expect my new little girl to be about the same size as baba 1. Only thing is ive been having signs of labour i had a show on Sunday mentioned this and they have put me on strict rest not to do anything to strenuos (like that can happen with a 19 month old i tow lol). Anyway started getting really bad backache yesterday and been having what im going to describe as Braxton Hicks only very painful ones coming 6 to 8 times within an hour this happens for a couple of hours then stops then the early hours of this morning i got a really unexpected bout of diahorrea (this happened just before i went in labour with my daughter ) and again all day today ive had the tightenings and acheing back. Should i be concerned? Do you think it could be the start of labour ? Was only told by hospital to go in if i had contractions or fluid loss which i dont think i have but obviously dont want to leave it too late for them to stop it if it is labour, Do you know of anyone who went over with first then had prem second time? been told your normally about the same with second babies thanks for listening to me rant hope i have made sence and not ranted too much Sophie 32+3 xx



  • hi honey,

    just wanted to say hey and hope you're ok as nobody's replied to you yet. unfortunately im only 16 weeks with my 1st and haven't really got a clue!! i know. fabulous help! sorry darling hope someone else can be more helpful, i'm thinking of you! can you not give your midwife a ring or maybe nhs direct? i dont know what else to advise really. Let me know how it goes, sorry i'm a bit useless,

    love rhiannon xxx
  • Thankyou i dont think ppl want to talk to me i never get any response when i post something im prob overreacting anyway might just be pains from being a second preg this one has been more difficult than the last i think ill see how things go and if it carries on tonight ill ring my midwife thanks for replying and good luck with your preg Sophie 32+3 xx

  • Hi Sophie
    I just read your post and wondered how you are? Did you contact midwife?
    Im not much use as this is my first so have no experience of labour etc but wanted to see if your ok

  • Hi Sophie, same as the others sorry, this is my first so not really sure what to expect, but wanted to check that you are ok! U could try putting a post on the baby forum as some other mummies may have experienced what you are going through. Apart from that only advice is to contact your midwife or hospital! Hope all is ok though.
    Tammi xxx
    26 weeks

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  • Hi hon - didn't see your post at first. I think a lot of people just click on whatever subject they have something common with at times.

    I only have experience of going into labour very prem with my 1st (at 23 weeks) and since then I've had sutures put in to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Are you getting the pains regularly now? I know you said they were 6-8 times per hour, but is that every hour or are they stopping in between? If so, it wouldn't look like established laobur.

    I was given a card with Tommy's midwives number on it in my Bounty pack, for any pregnancy related query - have you got one? If you want it, leave me a message back and I'll go dig it out for you.

    Hope you're ok hon - keep us posted
  • Hi ladies, thanks for your advise i did ring the midwife and went into hospital on friday night i was in labour so it was a good job i didnt hang on they let me home this morning on strict rest i was given something to stop the labour and touch wood so far has worked still very uncomfortable tho, Im on tender hooks now waiting (expecting) it to start again but hopeully wont. She needs to stay in there as long as possible (having my kitchen ripped out in two weeks) haha ill keep everyone posted incase it happens again thanks for your support Sophie 32+5 xx

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you and hope baba hangs on in there a little while longer! I went overdue with my first by 13 days he also weighed 5ibs 14ozs. Hope it all goes well and keep your feet up!

  • Thankyou im trying too its easier said than done with a 20 month old to run around after trying to find activities for her to do that keep her in one place haha x

  • i too got my fingers crossed for u babe, im sure everything will be ok now hugs
  • Thanks alot ladies nice to know ppl sympathise my OH is useless just keeps stressing me out more telling me they are over reacting and that i need to do more apparently he knows more than the midwives haha thats a laugh thanks for you support xx
  • Thanks for seeing the positive Zoey85 but i know him more its just because he cant be arsed doing anything himself and if im strictly resting it may mean he does have to do something for once lol xx

  • Glad you got sorted out hon. Keep your fingers and legs crossed that lo stays in there, little so and so!

    As for your oh, make sure you don't do ANYTHING!! Make the most of it - it won't last after lo appears.

  • oooh keep your legs crossed, I hope she stays for a bit longer yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Em x
  • Hi ladies she is still holding on in there for now very uncomfortable tho just got to see it till about 37weeks then i dont mind her coming finding it soo hard to sleep at night keep thinking its going to start again, ive had a few friends round the last couple of day who have made me sit down all the time and rest its strange when my visitors are making their own drinks and mine lol ill make the most of it Sophie 32+6 xx

  • Omg started with contractions again early hrs of this morning was conviced she was defo on her way this time luckily they have stopped on their own for now plz cross everything for me ladies that she holds on quite a bit longer Sophie 33wks today xx

  • How are you Sophie? Take care and keep us posted xx

  • Not been back to hospital Zoey85 i did ring and they told me to give it an hr and ring back as they were really busy and they had stopped on their own by then, i dont think they are goingg to stop it again if it happens now from the way they are talking they dont like doing it they just said something about a steroid injection for the lungs, ill know more on friday when i go for my mw appointment if i last that long xx

  • Hi Sophie,
    How are things now with you?
    I haven't been in your situation before as this is my 1st baby but I can understand your worry as i've been told my baby is very small & underweight so I know what it's like to be worrying. The only thing I can say is if the baby does arrive early then the special care units are outstanding & your 33 weeks which isn't too bad.
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly & that your LO stays where she is but if your at all worried get your arse to hospital!

    Lauren (37+2) xo
  • fingers crossed for you. i know how hard it is to relax when they tell u bed rest my son is 4 and a nightmare, bed rest with a 4 year old is impossible. Good luck xx
  • Thanks ladies i know what your saying im trying to rest as much as poss but i have a 19month old to worry about too im doing ok for now just keeping my legs crossed lol xx
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