Im bored!

HI Guys Im bored! Ive only got 5 days left till my due date and i should be making the most of it as i know im going to have no time next week, but i just cant be bothered to do anything! Theres loads of things i could do but ive just got no concentration span, i cant even watch a nice film or read a book , partly becouse i cant get comfortable and partly cus i loose intrest. Ive been lucky this week as different friends have been coming round every day and im fine untill they go and then im bored again!! Its a lovely day and i could go for a walk try and get this baby to come out but i cant put my socks and shoes on!!!!!! Its tragic ! Hows every body elses day today?


  • I'm bored at work image My bump has just started getting uncomfy and my back is aching I've been in to town with my mum and bought so really cute bubby clothes and its so nice I didn't want to come back.
    Just go out in your bare feet people will think you're a crazy pregnant lady but thats ok cos you probably feel like one at the mo lol

  • Ha Ha i like that crazy pregnant lady! I might put my flip flops on but that would mean getting motivated and getting off my arse!! At least im not at work though that is the good thing about maternity leave the thought of 9 months off!!!!!!!
  • I can't wait for mat leave but i'm not finishing work until a week before my due date so ages to go yet image.

    To motivate yourself attach a small fishing rod to your head with a piece of string and a chocolate bar hanging in front of you and then just follow the chocolate bar, its as simple as that, you could end up roaming the street bare footed for days image

  • Poor you! I vaguely remember (it was over 14yrs ago!) when I was heavily pregnant with my daughter feeling much the same. I was like a beached whale & was scared about the birth but at the same time so ready to get the baby out!
    I'm still working at the mo (23wks gone), just starting to get uncomfortable (have brought a cushion to work to help my back), but do worry that I'll be bored at home when I start maternity leave.

    Anyway, best of luck with the birth & meeting your beautiful new baby!
  • And you called me a crazee pregnant lady??????????
  • Ha ha I never said anything about me not being crazy lol

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