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How much weight did you put on in the first trimester?

I'm just over 9 weeks pregnant and weighed myself this morning and seem to have put on 3 pounds already!!!image I'm terrified, i'm going to put loads on, if i've already put 3 pounds on!!!!! I don't think i've eaten that much more than normal. Although I guess i'm hungrier more of the time! Haven't had much sickess, so haven't been off my food. How much did you gain by the end of the first trimester? Be really interested to hear from ladies who are further on.


  • I have no idea how much I put on as we don't own scales in our house (the legacy of a previously unhealthy relationship with my weight). However, I was in maternity clothes from 14 weeks, because my shape changed quite quickly. Saying that, I am now 40+10 (yes very overdue!) and it is only in the last 4 weeks I have started to put weight on anywhere except my bump. From the back I still don't look pregnant.
    3 pounds doesnt seem like very much, and I would try not to get to hung up on weight gain, and just continue to eat what you need to. If you follow a balanced diet you will still be healthy and when you are growing a wee person inside you, thats whats most important!
  • with my first i put on a stone by the time i was 20 weeks, i didnt bother to weigh myself before then, and by the time i was 40 weeks i'd put on 2 1/2 stone, i was quite upset as i've always been small, but i had a healthy baby boy of 6lb 8 and soon after the weight just fell bak off i was very lucky, and probably down to a bit of stress ( got married when he was 4 months old and had to buy a second wedding dress the 1st one was too small in the chest!!!)was back into most of my old clothes by the time he was 6-7 months old. i'm now 23 + 3 with baby no 2 and haven't really checked my weight but i have the midwife on monday so will weigh myself then. dont forget that a lot of the weight you put on is related to extra blood, boobs, uterus, water, obviuosly baby i think there is more but cant remember but average weight gain is between 2 and 4 stones so 3lb really isnt a lot. i was in maternity clothes at 11 weeks 1st time and at 8 weeks this time!!dont worry about it it will go once baby is born!!!! :\)
  • im into second trimester and put around 7-8lbs! Which completely disgusted me! But its all good and I'll work on burning it off later on in the year! lol... just enjoy hunny xxx
  • I am 38 weeks now and have put on 4 stone in total but not gone up a dress size so it is all bubby. I think in the first tri I put on about a stone lol and that was with full blown morning sickness.
    3lb is nothing matey you are doing well.
  • i put on 1lb in first trimester. i had no sickness at all either.i started putting weight on from 16 weeks. i am now 28+4 and have put 1 stone on so far. which is fine for me cos i am only small (6-8) and its uncomfortable carrying this much extra weight!!!. xxx
  • I didn't put any weight on in the first trimester, I lost 3 pounds though due to really bad sickness. I'm now 17+4 and weighed myself at the weekend and I've put on 2 and a half pounds this last week. It's all baby though so it's ok.

    I wouldn't worry about weight gain, they say you should gain about 10-13 pounds by 18 weeks but everyone is different.

    As long as you're eating a healthy, well balanced diet you have nothing to worry about! xxx

  • Hi,
    No idea how much I put on in first tri. At 12 wks I weighed 66kg and now around 74 at 28+3 which is a 17lb gain. last time round i only put on 18lbs and certainly didnt look heavily pregnant. I guess I was lucky as I'm also 6ft1. So I've hit my full term weight last time at 28 wks already. My baby last time was a healthy 7lb7 at full term.
    To be honest I wouldn'y fret over weight gain. So long as you eat sensible and your routine appointments show baby is o.k just chill!!
  • I am now just over 35 weeks and have just hit the 1 stone mark - but I have been trying really hard - I am carrying too much weight as it is!

    I would not worry this early you may find its just fluid retention - and unfortunately everybody is different. Just eat as healthily as much as you can and see how it goes!

  • In the first trimester i have put on 3 pounds, however, between then and now during 10 weeks (i'm 21+2) i've put on a stone. I am just dreading how much more i'm going to put on like, coz i spend 3 months last year trying to lose a stone and a half to reach my ideal weight, so i don't really want to go through that again.
  • I actually lost weight in my first trimester as I was so sick! I'm now 28+4 and have put on 10lb so far.
  • I lost 9lbs in my first trimester and did not put on even a pound until 28 weeks! Everyone is different - 3lbs sounds fine x
  • hi not sure how much i put on in 1st tri. but i'm 31wks and i've put on 2stone most of my weight has gone on my legs really. my bump is still quiet small not many people realise i'm pregnant. i'm not in pregnancy clothes i've just gone up 1 dress size. i do worry about gaining to much but everyone is different, i will just have to concentrate on losing it after. just enjoy your pregnancy sweet. x
  • I wudnt worry about 3lbs most of that is probably water retention and bloating which is common during early pregnancy. By week 12 i had put on about 7lbs so i wudnt say that u were lamping it on. Im now at 37weeks nearly and have put on two stone which is average really so my weight gain has averaged out over the pregnancy. Plus everyone is different my SIL was as thin as a rake and put on 4stone, although i have no idea where coz she was still skinny when she went into labour, lol. Kerry xxxx

  • I lost 20lb's in my first and first part of my second trimester owing to sickness... I don't like to weigh myself but i've definitly started putting it back on now, and i'm 25w today. I've got the midwife on Thursday so will probably get weighed and find out the depressing news then image xxx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. I guess I was worried as I lost two stone a year ago for my wedding and had reached my ideal weight. I don't want to put loads back on. Will just eat healthily and be careful! Is it difficult to lose it after pregnancy?
  • I am 8 weeks and have put on about 4lbs and I too feel really worried. I lost 3 lbs just before I conceived, so basically I have put that plus 1 back on!

    I think alot of it depends on how much you weigh at the start, if you are overweight already, I think the expectation is that you wont put on that much, where as if your average or underweight..the hope is you will?

  • I am 12+6 and I have lost 4lbs so far. Bizarre! xx

  • Whoops i have put on 8lb! Lol i am expecting no3 and am normally i slender size 8. My sons have with been massive with Ds2 being 10lb 1oz. So am expecting another whooper. I guess i need the extra weight to stay healthy growing my babies. Have got annoyed at pg aps on my phone telling me my weight gain is excessive lol. I wouldn't worry too much. As long as you eat healthy if you can with early sickness and mw is happy. Try relax image Xxx
  • hi bliss im a size 8 and weighed the same since i was 16, got pregnant and by 17 weeks had put on a stone. only put on 2 stone in all though - it does slow down, and 2 stone is about normal. I was a stone and a bit over pre pregnancy as soon as LO was born but due to breast feeding +++ i was able to loose the weight sat on the sofa, baby in arms watching tv! Lost it in 8 weeks, i think im lucky too as have always had fast metabolism, but cant say enough for breast feeding. i ate a lot of fattening food too and didnt excercise, although moving a fair bit after LO x

  • i was reading that its normal to put on around 4lbs in your first trimester, if you dont have too much sickness. Im 9+2 and weighed myself a week ago and had already put on 3 lbs. However, par tof that may be due to water retention/ slowed down digestive system so i woudnt worry too much x

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