Feeling ready

Hi to all you girls
Just wondering if anyone else is getting fed up and is ready and waiting for their new arrival! Me and my partner are all prepared with the nursery finished,everything bought,antenatal classes attended and hospital bags all packed,all we are waiting for now is for our little princess to arrive into the world.
Saw the midwife a couple of weeks ago now and she said baby was already engaged so it could happen at any time but here we are still waiting. (Will be 36wks on Tuesday) I have finished work now and am really enjoying my time off,i haven't been bored yet as i have been trying to do a little of something everyday and with christmas just around the corner i've had quite alot to keep me busy. How is everyone else feeling,are you all ready for christmas and your new arrivals?
Claire x


  • Hi there Im more than ready still got 31 days to go so feeling fed up and really uncomfortable havent been told if the heads down or not but by the amount of pressure and sometimes pain I imagine it defo is got my next app on xmas eve so will see then hopefully both my friends have just had there babys one of them yesterday so thats got me all excited cant wait to see them.

    Sarah x x x
  • Can't wait, I wish this baby would come now, got 24 days to go and I feel so uncomfortable. Had my tour of the hospital, bags are packed only gotta pick up the moses basket and pram on tues, so anyday after that would be great.x
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