Any one had a membrane sweep?

Well went to see a consultant regarding my spd today to see whether or not i would need a c section, and he gave me a membrane sweep!!!!!!!! Oh my god i am so pathetic it really hurt what on earth am i going to be like when i go into labour?? And the shame of it - I am 34 years old but i was so embarassed by having a doctors fingers inside me! Like i say i am so pathetic my friends tell me your dignity goes out of the window well mine did today i can tell you! Good news is though i can try and give birth naturally but he has advised an epidural . He said he could feel topof babys head and i was 1cm dilated so im hoping to go into labour within next 48 hours. Still got 9 days before due date though so im probably just being optimistic. Any one else had a membranesweep before their due date and it worked?


  • So glad that ur membrane sweep showed u were starting to dialate. I had myn wen i was 7days overdue, and the mw cudnt even do it coz she cudnt reach the neck of my womb. However wen i went in2 be induced wen i was 10days over they gave me a membrane sweep first and that started my labour virtually straight away. I was hooked up to one of those machines and my contractions started while she was still doing the sweep. It sounds to me like ur body is ready to have this baby tho. Gud luck, kerry xxx
  • I had 2 sweeps. 1 was fine and the other was agony. Neither worked! I went into labour on my own 4 days later.....ended up emergency c section, little boy in special care for 2 wks. But home now!
    By the way, I was 1cm both times! Good luck x
  • hi i had a sweep when was 8 days late (i was 2cm dilated) was advised to have sex to help move things and it certainly did- lo born next morning after a 4 hour labour. good luck
  • Hi, I had a sweep at 37 weeks (due to pre-eclampsia) and was 2cm dilated at the time. This was on the wednesday, on the saturday i had to go back into dau at 2.00pm and was given another and was 4 cm dilated. My waters broke at 8.30 that night and baby was born at 3.30am on the sun morning.
  • Hi
    I had a sweep with my first at 6 days overdue and it did hurt and was really undignified! Mw told me that the baby wasn't ready and I may as well go away for a couple of days as she reckoned that lo wasn't going to put in appearence till induced at 12 days over. Was really p***ed off, went to pub and had lil gls of wine to cheer self up then went home. My waters broke that night and things got going. Good job i didn't go away or I would have been stuck!!!! Goes to show, sometimes not even dr & mw can predict what will happen! Good luck Westbrom - hope it happens for you soon! fingers crossed the sweep does the trick - you never know!!!
  • ive got one booked for tomorrow. am 8 days overdue now. been told ill be induced on the 10th or 11th day. really hope it works image
    so is it just like an internal examination or worse ?? hadnt really thought much about it but after reading this its sounding pretty scary :S
  • Thank you ladies well nothing happenned so far been24 hours now just been for a long walk to local supermarket to buy a hot curry for tea! Cattarac take no notice of me like i say im a right wus and it was more the shock then anything. It was uncomfortable but more embarassing than anything. Its not scary compared to the thought of giving birth! All they do is sweep their fingers around your cervix and it does hurt a bit but i think it was becouse i was so tense today i have forgotten all about it. Hope it works for you ive got stomach pains as im writing this so maybee mines working too good luck x
  • Good luck Westbrom1!
    Have you made sure your SPD is splattered everywhere on your birthplan etc. My midwife did mention a piece of string being put in your notes so they can see you have SPD and that they are not allowed to open your legs further than the length of the string.

    Looking forward to reading that you have got your little one and knowing that you will finally be free of the SPD pain!
    Fingers crossed for you mate but hope you get to enjoy your curry 1st lol.
    Take care,
    Love Lee
  • Dear Lee havnt done a birth plan but was thinking just that this morning i was going to measure how far i can get my legs apart but that is a good idea with the string i keep having a vision of me being slightly out of it and my legs in stirrups with me going mental at oh for letting them do it ! I can just see him now playing on his psp and looking up and seeing me like that thinking shit! shes going to kill me ! Im going to write a birth plan nowthanks for the advice! How is your pain today?
  • Havent been good for a couple of days!

    Its my own bloody fault coz when have had a good day - seem to forget what I'm capable of. Had to take oh to a&e sunday night and my mate had offered to pick him up if it was gonna take forever but we were told he would be seen within an hour. I sat down for 5 mins then went outside to phone my mate and tell her and saw the doc call oh! Without thinking I ran in! God did I know about it.
    Then last night my 6 yr old was sleepwalking and he came in and sat on my knee, then slid between my legs!!! Furthest they have been opened in bloody ages. My mate was here and jumped up and grabbed him but too late - think damage was done.

    Good news is there is a consultant at Bolton General who specialises in SPD and my midwife is doing all she can to get me referred to him so I can get the best care going coz at the hospital am meant to be with the doctor refused to diagnose it because he said it was too early! My midwife was fuming! This consultant would do a section at 37 wks too!

    Do you feel like you are starting labour! Am getting excited for you mate!
    Love Lee
  • I know what you mean about doing too much when you have a good day. That is exactly what i do. I had an appointment at chiropractor today and cancelled it i had painfull day yesterday but managed to get some sleep last night. I only woke every hour and a halfwhere as three night s previous i was waking with cramp in bum cheeks every 40 mins. I just couldnt face any treatment today as im in agony for 24 hours after. and you never no might go into labour! Do i feel like im going into labour ? Only every 5 mins!!!!!! NO i dont know i think you get so used to have pain in certain areas i dont know whether id Know the difference! I turned in sleep the other nightand woke up with stabbing pains in VAGINA! Well it wasnt it was my pelvis but i soon realised what i had done. I really feel for youhaving a six year old to look after i dont think i could do this again, even though i know it will be worth it. Ive just had my mother in law and her sister round and they have cleaned my house fromtop to bottom. I was too ashamed to accept their help cus its embarassing but ive had too and its gleaming now! Make sure you accept the help if its offered cus like you say its so easy to forget and really hurt yourself. I wish id had elective cesarian at 37 weeks now it would be all over now. You take iteasy and ill fill you in with any developments. Im going to have a natter with my friend now i was going to walk again but ive stiffened up and ive got nobody to put my shoes on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for slippers going to try and drive xxxxx
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