People are so Rude

I think there was a topic like this before, but I cant seem to find it-anyway-listening to the radio and they're talking about people having bad manners and it made me think about what me and oh were talking about yesterday.

People just seem to be so rude to pregnant ladies and women with young children. It started because there was a woman struggling getting off the bus with two young kids. Noone got up to help her at all-we were sat quite far back but oh got up and went to the front so he could get her pushchair off with her while she held the little ones.
It started us on a discussion about how people just dont want to help anyone anymore-no matter how easy it would be.
The other day I was walking across the road with oh, it was a main road and a main crossing so there was loadsa room-but two blokes who were together walked straight at me (one from either side) so I had to dodge out of their way. I think its discusting they'd do that to anyone, never mind a woman and one who's obviously pregnant as well.
My sisters had trouble as well, when she was about due she got on the bus and had to stand up because noone offered her a seat, the next day she had two offers of a seat, but the sad thing was-one was a frail old lady and the other a foreign lady who didnt speak much English but got her to sit down anyway.
Then recently since my sisters had her baby she got on a bus with her newborn and 5 year old and there was an old man and a teenager sat in front of the space where pushchairs and wheelchairs should go with their bags in the way on the floor, as she got on the young lad turned round and said ''And I dont know where she's gunna put that'' my sister just ended up stood in the isle until the lad got off at the next stop and the old man moved his bag then....I was fuming when she told me, I would have been tempted to roll the pushchair over their bags and said ''well I dont know how he's planning on getting to that'';10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • It's a lack-lustre society nowadays and a majority of people either just don't care or are just pleased it's not happening to them!! I live in Holland and I must admit it is a very refreshing change from living in England! Nearly everyone says hello, most people are polite, most are also helpful. I don't have a car currently so use the train quite a bit when we go anywhere - I have a 7 & 6 yr old, a 3 yr old who we usually bring the spare buggy for 'just in case' (he's far too heavy to carry!!) and a 1 yr old - there is nearly always someone ready to help us get the buggies on or off the train!

    It doesn't cost anything to be polite or offer help and society would be a heck of a lot nicer if people did more!!!
  • OH keeps talking about moving to Australia-which would be great, just a little impractical at the moment. Plus he doesnt have a trade so it would be almost impossible to get in....he's a fabricator and does a little bit of everything.
    Its just a shame people are like that, its so easy to just be nice to people;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I know what you mean - we moved here coz dh's work expanded here and they relocated us all here. It was a bit daunting to begin with but I'm really glad we're here now.

  • To be honest I've found people to be generally nicer since I've been pregnant - they seem chattier & smilier towards me. I've got a t-shirt that says "I love my bump" on the front, & it always raises a smile & positive comments. I'm fortunate in that I don't have to use public transport, but I do remember how hard it was when my first daughter was in a buggy as I didn't drive then & used buses & trains a lot. I've definitely become more of a stroppy cow as I've got older, so I'm generally not one to keep quiet if people push in front of me etc - I don't care what they think!!!!!!
  • Generally people are more friendly, but when they're rude they're extremely rude. A group of us went for a meal on Saturday and booked a cab to collect us afterwards, at 11.30pm. They were over 30 mins late and when we called to complain and mention there were 2 pregnant women standing in the street for this pre-booked cab, we were told that we shouldn't be out in the first place. Frikkin outrageous!
  • ^^Funny how people seem to think you shouldnt have a social life once you get about customer service!

    There have been some friendly people around me, oh knows loads of people and Im always getting them coming up asking how everythings going and there are strangers who are friendly as well, its just the bad ones that tend to stick in my mind (Ive had a bad week).

    I meet one of my friends every week for diner and the bloke who served us gave me extra meat the other day for the baby image that was sweet.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I think people are well rude. When I was about 35 weeks (so very clearly pregnant) I got on a bus and the only seats were at the back. No one looked round to see if there was a seat for me and no one got up. The bus driver started driving as soon as I got on & I almost fell over - I thought that was seriously rude. I always get up for children & old people etc.

    And then last week I had this idiotic woman asking me all sorts of personal questions - I did a thread on this! It really pissed me off!

  • Generally speaking people are nicer, they always have something to say like when are you due do you know what your having etc but there is the odd person who is just unbelivebly rude! Yesterday I was walking back from nursery with my 4 year old and the pavement goes quite narrow at one point so I walked behind her, there was this old man coming the other way but as me and Abby were almost at the point where the pavement widens again I thought he would wait but he didnt! He kept walking towards us and knocked my daughter into a hedge and actually pushed me into the road! I couldnt belive it! A lady at work the other day started telling me about how she hated children and I was ruining my life by having them..some people are so tactless!
  • Going to work each morning, I use the bus to the rail station, then change for the tube, then walk 20 mins to work. People sit just sit and stare at my tummy, on the one occasion that I asked for a seat, only another woman got offered. People rush by bumping and running into me, so I now put my bag in front of me and give a shout of warning to anyone walking too close... this was after a guy once elbowed me in the tummy, don't want a repeat of that pain!

    However, this morning a woman offered me her seat what a lovely person. I kept thanking her over and over!
  • i have a feeling this is not going to go down to well, but i'm not very good with my wording at the moment,

    i think that some pg women and mothers make it hard for the rest of us as last week whiles i was out me and a few friends were having lunch and a women with a pram came in demanding that she be offered the table we were sat at as it would be better for her pram, yes there was other tables and yes we could have moved but she being such a cow about it and our food had just been put out for us, the owner of the place asked her take the seat she was offered or to leave and she started on about how mothers with pram/pushchair or pg women should be treated better, but didn't say sorry or anything once he informed her i was pg, also there is nothing more annoying that trying to do your shopping and not being able to get down alsie cause there is a few women with pram/pushchair in the alsie who even when asked politely ignore you and take up all space and not move or run over peoples feet

    i think its just people who are not as nice as they used to be and i just hope that when lo is born i do a better job with him/her about manners and how to behave than a lot of people seem to do, hope i haven't offended anyone, xxx

  • babyemzie dont worry-I dont think you've been offensive at all, in fact you have a good point.

    I cant believe she was like that to be honest, I would never dream of asking someone to move tables because I had a pushchair, nevermind demand that I have their table. Some people just have a cheek.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • babyemzie, that is disgusting! I will admit that I have asked for a specific table when I have the pushchair with me but not one that someone is already sat at!! In fact I have actually not gone in to cafe's, resturants etc if I can see that they are busy and I will be in the way. You soon learn which places have the most buggy space lol. I find that the rudist people are old, I've lost count of the number of times I've had doors closed in my face by pensioners to selfish to hold them open. On the other hand I am almost contstantly pleasntly suprised by the number of teenagers and young people who are happy to hold open the same door for me.
  • I got on the bus the other day and as I went to sit down, some guy dumped his bag in the chair and said, my wife will be sitting there, I was shocked and ended up standing up!!! I was exsusted from being in town, running round doing things while DH had the kids at home (trustme, thats the best way on a saturday) and just didn't have it in me to argue with him.
  • mummylisa, next time sit on his bag and say 'not now she won't!

    I think its just a sign of the times, people have less time for others and respect sadly!
  • Since becoming pregnant I am shocked at how people behave, especially on public transport. It's not so much that people don't offer you a seat, (after all, I chose to get pregnant I suppose) but the fact that grown men will actively push past me in order to get a seat on the train. How lazy are these people? I am 5ft, VERY obviously pregnant, and again, just yesterday this 6ft bloke elbowed me out of the way to get a seat for a 25 minute journey. This happens so often on my train it's outrageous, I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it with my own eyes. If my husband behaved like this I would be so ashamed.

    Babyemzie, I do agree with you though, I hate it when people with children assume that the whole world should revolve around them, it does give us all a bad name (and people who barge past with prams as though they atomically have right of way everywhere annoy me as much as the train-shovers).
    There seems to be just a general lack of manners everywhere these days, I suppose we all just end up getting aggressive with each other!
    mummylisa80, in these situations I always wonder how that (awful) man would have behaved if you had a man with you at the time (or had been a man yourself).
  • Hi there!!

    I agree with bedhead i av a 5yr old and a 2yr old and i am 21wks pg and i have noticed that the older people are usually the ignorant ones and that the younger generation like the teenagers especially lads are the ones to hold the doors open or get up on bus to help you.
    Take care
    Adele xxxx
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