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Hormones changes and now I'm a total bitch!

Been shouting at OH for no reasons since my hormones started changing.
Was told by my doc that this will happen and it's very normal and I had told her, "no worries, I was having mood swing even when I am two weeks prior and after my monthly period usually and OH has gotten used to it".

But I didn't expect this swing now to be even worst. I raised my voice at absolutely everything. I get irritated at every single thing. I shout and am so dramatic!!!

Now I am even depress because spots are appearing all over my face and neck.

I felt so ugly :cry:

Anyone with the same experiences??


  • I am usually a chilled out person all month long however the last few days I have turned into the devil!! Just want to shout at everyone!

    Happy days!

    I am 5+4..
  • I had the exact same thing last week,i was a total bitch to my oh and didn't want him anywhere near me! He is used to me wanting my own space when i'm due on as i can be very snappy,but it was 100 times worse last week!!
    He is very understanding and even that irritated me last week,he couldn't win whatever he did!!!
    This week i am feeling much better,but these bloody hormones have a lot to answer for!
    Hope you're feeling better about things soon.xx
  • I was fine with my first pregnancy but this one ive been a nightmare, can feel myself flying of the handle but cant stop myself, although i think dh deserves it as i have all the other horrid pregnancy symptons, so at least he is getting some crap ones too. lol xx
  • i was exactly the same, my partner even threatened to move out for a bit i was that bad, then i got to 11 weeks and everything changed, now he cant believe im the same person. as long as he realises its nothing personal and will stop eventually then dont worry too much, and like i told my oh its just as much his fault as mine, he contributed to the condition lol

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