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Hey ladies, hoping you can help me out with a question I have re nursing bras. I was going to get fitted for mine on Friday when I'm 36 weeks but to be honest my boobs are still more or less the same size they were in early pregnancy. I got measured at about 20 weeks in mothercare and the lady said I was a 38 C. bought some bras in this size but they still seem too big - I just dont "fill" the cups lol! I'm not sure if I should wake a couple more weeks before getting measured again in case they suddenly gorw? Gonna go to M & S or debenhams as I wasnt happy with mothercare. Dont want to leave it too late but equally theres no point in me spending money on bras that arent going to fit in case I have a sudden growth spurt!. Pre pregnancy I was a 34B ish. If they havent grown now are they likely to? Sorry for all the questions, my poor boobies are the only part of my body that doesnt seem to be expanding daily lol! :lol:



  • They might still grow, yes, particularly when your milk comes in a few days after birth. When I had my son two years ago I was measured at 37 weeks at a 36C, and these fit me all the way through feeding him (was a 34B pre-preg) - I then went back to a 34B after. I was measured again as a 36C at 37 weeks with my daughter, and my old bras fit me when she was born - then my milk came in and I went up to a DD/E cup! She's now 8 weeks old and I'm wearing a D cup.

    My advice (from my experience) would be yes, go and get measured in the next couple of weeks and buy a couple of bras in the size they recommend, but not too many in case you need bigger ones later - or buy a few but don't take the labels off, so you can swap them if necessary, or in case you don't get one with the ones you've got - I always wear padded bras so bought padded nursing bras, but they were no good as the padding just got in the way! Sleep bras (sold in Mothercare) are good for in hospital too I think, and these are measured on back size only not cup size.
  • Thanks sunflower, I think I will go and get measured on Friday and just get a couple of bras. I can always exchange them like you suggest if they suddenly expand! I hadnt thought about sleep bras - could you tell me how they are different from nursing bras?

  • mothercare are rubbish. no support at all. marks and spencers are the most unsexy things ever but do the job much better. you'll need to sleep in your bras too. dont bother with sleep bras they again are rubbish. my boobs fall out!!!! also the fitters generally know what they are doing and will know to allow for growth!
  • Just wanted to add that i have never used a sleep bra, i hate sleeping in a bra! So i got some cheap crop tops from Tesco and just wore these under my jammies - so comfy! I also wore these for the first week or so when i was in the house and very engorged! I found Debenhams bras to be quite comfortable and supportive. I think they have an offer on them just now image x
  • I found debenhams and marks and spencers fitting service absolutely crap, their bras might be ok but their staff don't know what they're doing in my honest opinion.
  • i think it probably varies store to store tbh! human error
  • i think when they measure for feeding bra they go up 2 sizes in cup and down one in the back from the size you are at 36 weeeks.
  • Thanks everyone for replying. Who knew what a minefield buying a bra could be lol! Will go and get measured on Fri, friend used M & S and said they were great, will also check out the Debenhams offers, I remember reading a thread about that on here a couple of days ago.

    Thanks again for all the advice, I really dont know what I'd do without this site!!
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