Sorry ladies you dont have to reply I just need to rant...............

I have had one thing go wrong after another and now as I type someone is ripping floorboards up as my house has to be rewired. They are pulling up a varnished natural wood floor which will now need to be covered so thats a new carpet which means taking out fitted wardrobes that we put in (and putting in took half the ceiling off) and no doubt also need to decorate.
The nursery which was all painted, new carpet and ready for baby furniture will need to be redecorated and will also need to plaster and decorate rest of house.
I need to buy new light fittings for the guy to put up as wiring different but i cant get out of house at the moment so have to rely on my hubby to choose something (which the ocd in me cannot cope with).
My cat died last week so my other cat is crying and wandering round the house but then also freaking out because of all the banging and I cant even leave to get some peace and quiet.

I am going to have to spend majority of the money i saved up for maternity leave on sorting house out before baby arrives and I feel really sorry for myself.

Also just to make things even better I have to cancel a 2nd hen do this month as i cant walk at the moment and let me think what else?? Oh yes...my husband is getting on my nerves....:cry:


  • Oh you poor thing! You have every right to rant and I'm not surprised you're feeling sorry for yourself!

    What has happened that has required so much of your house to be ripped up? What a nightmare and not what you need at all right now.

    Can you take yourself off into another room and put on your headphones and listen to some nice relaxing music and ask to not be disturbed?

    As for trusting your husband with the lightfittings, I couldn't help but laugh as I would be exactly the same! Just send him back if you don't like what he picks!
  • Oh poor you, what a terrible time you're having! I don't know if there's anything i can say to make you feel better, but i didnt want to read and run! Would you not be able to claim any of the expense back from your insurance? And i'm so sorry to hear about your cat, i hope your other one stops pining soon. Sending you big hugs xxxxxxx
  • (((((big hug))))
  • (((((big hug))))
  • Thanks ladies xx I am holding my breath at the moment as I am going to call my husband or electrician some very random words!!
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