had a sweep but still nothing!


Had the consutlant at hosp yest (39+1) and had protein in urine, raised BP and itchiness, so consultant did internal. Cervix was already soft and 1cm open so he did stretch and sweep (yeah!). He then did bloods and i had to do 24 hour urine collection.

Thought something might have happened last night but nothing - slept pretty well. Went back to foetal monitoring today, urine almost clear, BP better, bloods normal. Put on monitoring, bean asleep so was on there for an hour! Then had scan to check waters and umbilical cord flow - all normal and i am pleased to say i managed to resist finding out what bean is. As all OK, they sent me home. Got to go back for monitoring again on Tues and have consultant again on Thurs, day after i am due.

I have now been home just waiting, eaten half a pineapple in the hope it might help! Really thought sweep might have done something - come on bean stop being lazy!!!

Jo x x


  • never been a very patient person so yep ths waiting is horrible! How are you doing? x
  • hi how are you doing? fingers crossed not long now for you. good luck!! xx
  • Hey!

    Im the same, i had a sweep 8 days ago but nothing :cry:

    I was 1cm dilated on 6th Jan... Now i am 2cm and still having contractions and pains, but she just aint coming yet :\(

    I have MW on wed (my due date) and hoping they will do another sweep! And i hope this one bloody works.

    I had my hopes up and really thought it would have worked as i was 2cm but obv not :cry:

    Hope it happens soon for us!
    Sharon xx


  • Hi
    Im the same as you mrs j, im 2 cm and had a sweep last wed and nothing, well my pains were a little bit stronger for a while and i lost my mucuc plug but thats it, how frustrating is slow labour??

    So unfair!!!

    Sarah 38+4 xxx
  • good luck to you both, hope it happens soon. xxx
  • You must be so frustrated - hope things move along soon!!
    Not sure if I could've been as patient as you and not found out the sex - Im dying to know!!
  • Aw hun, I had two sweeps at 3 cm dilated which didn't start anything - the waiting is so frustrating but it will soon be over and is so worth it!

    Em x
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